Commercial Cable TV Wiring

Let SeniorTV’s experienced technicians do the work!

Commercial cable TV wiring requirements vary by facility. Our experienced engineering staff will assist in determining the best and most affordable alternative.

Many times existing private cable antenna or cable TV wiring can be used as-is; in other cases some modifications are needed for your commercial satellite system. SeniorTV engineers, work with your maintenance staff to use quality upgrade methods so as not to completely rewire the cable TV system, saving thousands of dollars. SeniorTV can help with:

  • Indoor Wiring
  • Outdoor Wiring
  • New Construction and Renovations

Types of Indoor Wiring

[accordion_toggle title=”Loop-Thru”]

Cable TV Outlets are looped together in long chains. This system is typical of older buildings. Often the cable TV wiring is good, but the wall plates need replaced with newer shielded types.
[accordion_toggle title=”Trunk Line”]

A commercial cable trunk line generally runs down the center hallway with connection to the nursing home rooms at either side.[/accordion_toggle]
[accordion_toggle title=”Home Run”]

Each cable TV outlet or apartment with multiple cable TV outlets has a single wire going directly to a central wiring closet.[/accordion_toggle]

Outside Commercial Satellite Wiring

Based on the size of the campus and distance between buildings, different methods are used to distribute signal. Each system is unique and our experienced engineering staff can design and install a quality commercial cable TV system providing perfect pictures throughout your campus.

New Construction

With the new construction and renovations, it is beneficial if SeniorTV becomes involved in the planning stages of the retirement home. We can assist you in determining the best routes for commercial cable pulling to coincide with other services including electric and telephone and offer suggestions on implementing the system.