Wholesale and bulk TV pricing is determined by the number of billing units on the property multiplied by the total programming package pricing.  In the Retirement Home industry, a billing unit typically is counted by the number of individual resident beds, assuming each resident has their own TV connected to the bulk TV reception equipment.  In Assisted and Senior Living each individual apartment constitutes a billing unit regardless of the number of TVs connected to the system.

bulk-cable-rollA TV solution for a Retirement Home Community may have a billing unit count made up of multiple levels of care ranging from skilled care to independent living. In this case, it is the total billing unit count of skilled care or nursing beds plus the number of assisted living/ independent living apartments and garden homes that are used to calculate the programming cost.  A campus with 100 skilled care/rehab beds, 60 Assisted Living apartments and 150 Independently living apartments/garden homes would have a total billing unit count of 310.

Wholesale, bulk TV pricing is available for but limited to:

  • Nursing Homes
  • Assisted Living Properties
  • Senior Housing / Independent Living Properties
  • 55+ and Retirement Home Communities

Using a commercial satellite TV provider at your property is likely the lowest cost option for providing wholesale, bulk TV service.  The programming and packaging options allow for customized line ups at a very reduced cost.  With the headend options available through a private cable operator you have the ability to pick the channels you want.  In addition to picking channels your residents like, you can also manage your budget for monthly programming fees.  It only makes sense to pay for the channels your residents watch and not programming typically unpopular in this demographic.  Many commercial satellite TV providers are out there but few specialize in providing nursing and retirement home TV solutions and understand what programming options make the most sense to maximize your residents’ viewing options while saving money on the monthly bill.

So when you are considering options for wholesale, bulk TV service at your retirement home community, nursing home, or assisted living property, use the correct billing unit count to help determine your monthly bill.

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