A/V CORDS: (Also known as RCA cables) Connect the cords starting with the first VCR in the sequence. Patch from Line Out of the first device to Line In in the next. Always go from outputs to inputs. Try to stay with the same colors: yellow to yellow, red to red, white to white. The cords are physically the same. The colors help you stay organized.

To make the VCR loop function as a daisy chain, it is important to note what input you plugged the RCA cable in. If you plugged the cable in line input one set the device input to LINE IN (or tune in to L1)  Some VCR’s have more than one input (L1 and L2).

If everything is hooked up correctly and you see no video on the channel make sure all the VCR’s are powered up, and are on the same and or correct line input.

To change a VCR to a line input it can be done a couple of ways.  With the channel select button on the VCR change the channel past the lowest channel then you should see the line input selections (L1 , L2). Some VCRs that is not an option. Then you will have to change the input with the VCR’s remote. The remote will either have a input button, source button or a i-select button to do so.