Last month media giant AT&T purchased DirecTV for 48.5 billion dollars, marking the 2nd merger of “cable TV” giants this year after Time Warner was purchased by Comcast earlier in the year.  While these types of mergers have a huge impact on the TV industry in general, the customers of DirecTV often wonder what is in it for them when these mergers happen.

Commercial DirecTVThe AT&T and DirecTV merger have a huge impact on technology in general, but here is just a few of the goals of the companies going forward.

More bundles for customers

Only a few years ago, a typical business had to have multiple bills to pay for technology.  Cable bills, Internet bills, and Cellular phone bills were all paid to different companies and all paid at full price.  The goal of AT&T and DirecTV merger is to provide “bundles” for their customers.  This means that all technology at one business can be bundled together and paid for at a cheaper price than paying separate bills for each technology.  AT&T success with their “bundle packages” as this is something they offered through their U-verse service.

Theoretically these bundles will be cheaper for consumers as they will get discounts when they add extra services to their bill.  Businesses will cut down their excess of bills as they can deal with one company instead of multiple companies for their technology needs.

By air and by land

What separates the technology that DirecTV can offer over AT&T is the satellite service.  DirecTV’s programming is controlled via satellite, while AT&T is the through wiring such as fiber optic cables.  With the ability to add satellite services to its ground wiring, AT&T opens the possibility to add technology to places that they never did before such as airplanes, on water and in vehicles.  The possibilities are endless as satellites can reach virtually anywhere on Earth that is accessible.

Reasons behind the merger

While DirecTV has competed for years against land based cable companies, the new wave of technology has changed the way the world needs media.  Cellular phones, iPads, and other types of tablets have changed the way we need technology.  Wi-Fi hotspots have continued to be on the rise and the need for a world without wires has become a necessity.  Without the use of satellite, none of this would be possible and this is DirecTV’s expertise.  This merger will HOPEFULLY mean better prices and more choices for consumers as they are getting the power of AT&T and the expertise in satellite communication with DirecTV.

Going Forward

At SeniorTV we have rolled with the changes of technology over the years.  Starting off as a tiny nursing home cable supplier in the 1980s, we have grown to become the #1 source of senior technology across the United States.  With the ability to offer bulk TV services,  Internet and more we have become the top choice for nursing homes, long term care facilities and assisted living centers.  Over the years we have seen many changed in our industry and the DirecTV merger is perhaps the biggest.  As technology has changed we have adapted and thrived in our ability to offer the newest and best technologies to our customers.  If you would like to learn more about what SeniorTV can do for your business, please give us a call at 1-800-890-7770.