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Travel Tips for Senior Women

Now more than ever, senior women are starting to embark out on their own or with their friends to travel the globe.  Senior women are not only planning these trips with just a few clicks of a button, but also sometimes doing these trips all alone.   As with any person traveling alone, safety is the main concern and all destinations should be researched and planned accordingly.   Here is a list of our top travel tips for senior women.


Passports and Visa–   Passports and Visas  are required when you travel to any country outside of the United States and some require more than just the basic passports and visas.   It is wise to speak to a local travel agent when you are planning your trips, especially if you are planning to visit multiple locations because some of these countries have different requirements.  Remember to work well in advance when applying for these items as some take several weeks to process.


Get Reviews–  Because safety comes first, especially for seniors, it is important to know in advance the places that you are visiting before you get there.  In the pre-Internet era many seniors were blindsided by places that they visited hotels and brothels that looked great on brochures, only to find places that weren’t very well kept when they got there.  Nothing can ruin a trip quicker than a bad hotel.   Online review sites such as Yelp and Travelocity are great places for seniors to visit before they make any plans.


Cash and Other Valuables–   One thing that we want to stress as a very important travel tips for senior women is that they should avoid carrying around large amounts of cash and/or jewelry at one time.   If you are traveling overseas it is wise to leave any and all valuable jewelry at home safely secured and also avoid taking tons of cash.   If you are carrying lots of cash, makes sure to have it in various locations rather than storing it all in one location that is easy to find.


Avoiding Social Media–  The trend for more and more seniors to get on Facebook and other popular social media sites and show off their pictures has become an increasing trend the past few years.  One hidden secret about social media is the amount of criminals that have used social media to commit crimes such as burglary and robbery.  Leaving your home for weeks at a time is an open invitation for criminals to invade your home.  If you are traveling overseas and don’t have someone staying at your home, it is always wise to let the police know this and also to avoid broadcasting your overseas trip as much as possible.


Avoid Conversations with Strangers-  One of the most popular tricks for criminals and thieves is to find easy victims to start up conversations with and have another person blindside them by pickpocketing them or purse snatching them.  If you in a busy environment, with little or no security around, it is always wise to keep walking when approached by any strangers, no matter how innocent that they look.


Keep an eye on your luggage–  Another important travel tip for senior women is to always keep an eye on your luggage and avoid touching luggage that is not yours.  Another famous trick for criminals that are targeting overseas visitors is to switch out their luggage or to steal their luggage from the airport.   Besides stealing luggage,  some advanced criminals will even switch our luggage with unexpecting visitors that carry things such as contraband or weapons that may get the unknowing victim in trouble.


When it comes to traveling for senior women,  safety should always be the first concern.  The world is full of criminals who are looking to take advantage of easy targets.  Unfortunately,  senior women , especially those traveling alone,  are among the most vulnerable targets.  Use these travel tips for women to help you as you plan your adventures.