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Transitioning to a Senior Living: 5 Tips to Help with the Transition

One thing that many seniors find hard when they move to senior living is the transition from their current living situation to senior living.  While each different type of senior living environment is different, many find it hard to transition as they have had years of living the same way.  With that being said, there is hope for those who are looking to make this move and it can be done.   Here are SeniorTV’s tips to help with transitioning to senior living.

Be Proactive–   Instead of waiting for a sickness, illness or injury to occur it may be wise to plan ahead when it comes to picking a senior living community.  There are many differences between nursing homes, long term care facilities and assisted living centers and they all have their pros and cons.  It is wise to research sooner, rather than later when it comes to picking the right type of home.

Talk to People Your Trust–   Many seniors who are transitioning to senior living often have trouble with facing the fact that there life may be different.  Instead of hiding their feelings and fears, it is best to find a trusted friend of family member to talk through these fears.   Some seniors often suffer from relocation stress syndrome and talking with others is a good way to relieve some of this stress.

Don’t Become Obsessed with Independence–   While we all love our freedom and independence that we receive from living in the United States, many of us need the help of others as we age.  Everyday more and more seniors get injured or stuck in a situation where they can’t reach out for help and many of it is due to their own ignorance of wanting to be independent when they shouldn’t be.   The main purpose of transitioning to senior living is to accept and value the help of others, as this is something that is hard to comprehend for some.

Take Small Daily Steps to Plan Your Move –   Transitioning from your home to a senior living community can be overwhelming for some, as it involves a ton of planning and preparation.   If you are planning on selling your home or are giving it to a relative it is important to follow through with a real estate professional to plan this part of the process.  Also, it is wise to speak with other individuals who have made this move to cover things that may come up that you have never thought of or hidden fees.

Be prepared to spend money– The plain facts are that many nursing homes and long term care facilities cost a lot of money and it is wise for seniors to realize this before they make the transition to senior living.  Many of these types of living communities cost several thousand dollars a month and why some type of assistance may be available; the majority of costs may be out of pocket.  It is wise to prepare for this financial hurdle and to have your finances looked at before making this move.

Transitioning to a senior living center can be a stressful time in life for anyone making the move.   Most seniors are set in their ways and a massive life change, such as moving into an unfamiliar setting, can be very stressful.  Using the tips above, hopefully you or your loved one can make this transition as smooth as possible and it can become a fun and exciting change in your life, rather than a negative experience.