More and more authoritative websites and blogs are being built towards seniors in 2015.  While many of these websites are fun, many provide valuable information that can help seniors perform day to day tasks.   While this information use to take days of research and dead end phone calls, seniors can now find almost anything they need online.

While these are not all the websites that seniors need, these are some of the most important; here is SeniorTV’s list of the top senior information websites for 2015.

  1. ORG – The AARP might be one of the most popular websites geared towards the senior crowd. The AARP is an important information hub for many things that have to do with seniors.  Information on health, money, leisure activities and an online community are just some of the most important parts of this great site.
  2. National Senior Citizens Law Center– The NSCLC is aimed at helping lower income seniors with various aspects of their life.  Health care, rent, medications and general information and where to find information is the goal of the NSCLC.
  3. SeniorTV– Ranking ourselves modestly at #3, SeniorTV has grown into much more than a private cable company. We are a full service technology organization and senior information center.  We are one of the few businesses that are aimed fully at helping seniors as we have extensive experience in nursing homes and long term care facilities.
  4. Agenet– Agenet is a charitable organization whose goal is to provide awareness on global aging and help develop therapies to help seniors.    By providing conferences and information for seniors, this network is one of the most popular among seniors.
  5. Elderweb– Elderweb is a website that is aimed in informing seniors and their loved ones information about long term care in America.  This site explains legal, financial, medical, housing and other issues that have to do with seniors and their families in the aging industry.
  6. Savvy Senior – Savvy Senior is just what it sounds like,  a list of resources and information articles aimed at helping seniors stay savvy and on top of things in their everyday life.  This is one of the largest resources for seniors and helps them in various aspects of their life including employment,  living, paying bills and medical expenses.   The Savvy Senior website is aimed at educating seniors and keeping them on top of everything that has to do with senior life.
  7. Sportsgeezer– Senior sports is a huge market as the amount of senior leagues grows each and every year. Besides senior athletic leagues,  this site has tons of information on health and fitness for seniors.
  8. org– Seniors for senior’s animal adoption program is geared towards setting up seniors with mature dogs in needs of an owner.  This is a great program as many younger pet owners are leery on adoption of older pets.  Paws is great because many seniors love the companionship of an older dog and don’t have the patience for a small puppy.