One of the first things to go on seniors is their memory.  Many seniors who enter long term care facilities and nursing homes often suffer from some sort of memory loss.  While advanced stages of dementia and Alzheimer’s are nearly impossible to treat, there are various things that seniors can do to help them with their memory.   We’ve made a list of our top 6 senior memory improvement tricks.

senior-memory-improvementPuzzles:  Puzzles are one of the better exercises that seniors can do to help them improve their memory.  What puzzles do is make seniors exercise their mind and use parts of their brains that they often don’t use in daily tasks.   The great thing about puzzles is not only are they great for seniors, but they can be purchased in different piece sizes as the user becomes more advanced.

Write it Down: One of the best ways to commit something to memory for seniors is write something down.  Whether it is vital information that they must learn or simple ways to do everyday tasks, it is important for seniors to put their thoughts on paper.   Seniors can often keep a notebook of these things and review this during their down time throughout the day.

Mnemonics: Mnemonics are the strategies that many test takers use to remember pertinent information about something.  Whether it is a song, rhyme or an image, mnemonics are often the best ways to remember information.  Many seniors still use mnemonics that they were taught as little children to remember day to day events and occurrences.   “Red sky at night, sailors delight” is an example of an old WWII mnemonic that was passed down from a previous generation that still reminds us when I see a red sky at night.

Chunking: Chunking information into smaller pieces is a great way for seniors to improve their memory.  Many people have a hard time processing large amounts of information especially things such as numbers.  One great way for seniors to remember their social security number, insurance number or their own phone number is to break them up into smaller 3 to 4 digit numbers that they can remember.

Create Flashcards:  Flashcards not only work with Kindergarten children, but also with seniors.  Many people with memory issues will often create flashcards for almost any need as they try to improve their memory.  Whether it is a face of a person in their nursing home or of a problem that they are trying to solve, flashcards are a good way to practice repetition, which leads to a better memory.

Get Plenty of Sleep:  One of the main issues that seniors have when it comes to functioning at a high level is the amount of sleep that they get.  Much like children, seniors need extra sleep compared to the average aged adult.   Many seniors who continue to work in their golden years will often try to get by with the same amount of sleep that they did when they were younger, this is a recipe for disaster as the brain is the first to suffer when a senior does not get enough sleep.

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