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Top 5 Travel Spots for Senior Citizens in 2016

Now more than ever senior citizens are becoming adventurous and planning vacations as spots all around the world.  While many seniors still enjoy the sunset and beaches of California and Florida as their main travel spots, more and more are starting to head different places as the world is full of beautiful travel spots for senior citizens and many cater to this demographic.   As we have now headed into 2016, we have broken down 5 of our favorite travel locations for senior citizens and a brief overview of what they have to offer.


senior-travel-bulk-tvAlaska: More seniors than ever before are heading to Alaska. Long known for its undeveloped natural beauty, many seniors are taking advantage of the cheap cruise rates to explore this last frontier. Still others are joining RV caravans to explore Alaska’s interior. Popular activities for seniors in Alaska include whale watching, glacier trekking, riding the scenic narrow-gauge railroad and watching the Northern Lights. Many seniors are taking advantage of the shoulder seasons of May and August to visit Alaska.


Hawaii: Many seniors have wanted to travel to Hawaii for a long time. The slower pace of retirement now means that dream is coming true. Many seniors love visiting the highly-entertaining Hawaii Plantation Village to learn about the state’s history. Other seniors are incorporating a stop at Hawaii’s Chinatown for fascinating shopping while others are returning to Pearl Harbor to relive the moments they spent there during World War II.


Ireland: Over 39.6 million Americans claim Irish roots, and many are choosing to travel to this emerald country to explore those roots. In fact, seven times more Americans claim to have Irish roots than the entire population of Ireland. Many people choose to hike along the Cliffs of Moher while others choose to visit Glendalough that settlers first established in the sixth century. Others choose to head to Trinity College where the library hosts 200,000 of Ireland’s oldest books.


Orlando: Many seniors head to Walt Disney World in Orlando, Florida. Of course, the main draw to this vacation is taking the grandchildren along for a trip that they will never forget. Many seniors choose to go on their own. Epcot Center is also fascinating for many seniors who particularly enjoy the gardens of the world tour and the center’s many flower shows. Disney’s Animal Kingdom offers safari tours spread out throughout the day.
Branson, Missouri: Branson is the “Live Music Show Capital of the World” with 76 theaters offering performances on a daily basis. The city is also home to Silver Dollar City with its award-winning cooking school. The park also hosts many awesome shows that easily entertain all age groups for those wanting to bring the grandchildren along. In and surrounding Branson are 12 championship golf courses, and the fishing is usually outstanding.

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