As a seller of bulk cable TV and provider to senior care centers around the country for over the past 20 years we have seen many changes when it comes to senior technology.  Starting off as a small reseller of bulk TV services, we have grown to one of the top senior technology companies in the United States.  Over the past 20 years we have seen technology take over the world and grown with these changes.

senior-technology-changesWhen we first entered nursing homes and assisted living centers, many administrators were leery about the staying power of DirecTV as a choice.  During the time period before DirecTV was around, the local cable company dominated the market and was the ONLY CHOICE for services at the time.  Obviously things have changed and now consumers have choices, especially when it comes to bulk TV.  Besides that we have seen more.  Below are the top 5 senior technology changes that we have witnessed over the years.

  1. Cable TV-   As we previously mentioned the world of cable TV has changed for the better.  Back in the 1980s the local cable company was king and could basically charge whatever they want to customers.  With this service, come questionable customer service and price hikes whenever they felt like it.  DirecTV changed this and since this more and more companies have jumped on the cable TV bandwagon and provided much needed competition to local cable companies around the United States.
  2. The Internet- Quite possibly the greatest technological advance of all-time, the Internet has changed how we communicate with each other.  Starting off in the 1960s as a way for computer systems to communicate with each other, the Internet exploded in the 1990s to homes, classrooms and businesses around the world.  While leery at first, seniors have embraced the power of the Internet and it has been perhaps the #1 senior technology change of all-time.
  3. Cellular Phones-   The cellular phone revolution has changed the way we communicate with each other.  Landlines and pay phones have taken a nosedive over the last 10 years, as cellular phones have gone from a novelty, to a necessity.  The smartphone has turned a traditional cellular phone into a computer and has changed the landscape of the world.
  4. HD TVs-   The flat screen TV has revolutionized the TV industry.  At SeniorTV we keep an eye on the TV industry and have seen a boom in our sales after plasma, LCD and LED TVs dropped to reasonable prices.  With the addition of “high definition” ordinary TVs are now crystal clear and easy to watch.  The small size and low prices have made HDTVs affordable to almost everyone and a great addition to homes and businesses worldwide.
  5. Wireless Technology-  Wireless phones,  wireless Internet and now wireless cable receivers are just a few of the latest and greatest senior technology changes when it comes to wireless technology.  While many electronics still work the best when they are hard wired, the ability to make certain technology wireless has changed the way seniors operate.  Wireless is one technology that will only continue to grow as more and more wireless technologies will be introduced in the upcoming years.

As the #1 provider of senior technologies to nursing homes and long term care facilities in the United States, SeniorTV has grown with the changing technological times.  Starting off as a small bulk TV provider we have grown into a technology giant in the senior industry.  If you would like to learn more about what we have to offer for your business, please give us a call at 1-800-890-7770.