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Top 5 Problems in the Nursing Home Industry

Just like any other business in the world, there are good nursing homes and there are bad nursing homes.  The nursing home industry has boomed over the last 20 years as more and more organizations are opening some type of senior facility.   The nursing homes that are given a bad rap are usually for some of the same issues,  let’s take a look into the top 5 problems in the nursing home industry.

  1. nursing-home-problemsMedicaid Patients May Not Get Preferential Treatment– Since Medicaid does not pay as much as private companies or Medicare,  many patients that are in nursing homes through Medicaid have complained of not getting the same treatment as others.  Second class service and fewer opportunities are two main issues that these patients have complained about.
  2. Nursing Homes Can Evict Patients– Due to a number of reasons that are both justifiable and not justifiable many nursing homes have evicted patients that they don’t “deem fit” for their facility.  While there are laws that govern the organization’s ability to “weed out” patients, many of these nursing homes create reasons to get rid of patients that they deem unfit.
  3. Tricky Co-Signer Fees – It is important to understand and in fact advisable to consult with an attorney before signing anything that has to do with co-signing for a patient that is being admitted into a nursing home.  Many of these organizations will often have tricky fine print that could result in a co-signer owing thousands of dollars if the patient or their family run out of money.  Many times these co-signers don’t find out about this until months after a bill is overdue and they are hit with the big bill in the mail.  This is a major concern and one of the biggest problems in the nursing home industry.
  4. Lack of Technology– As the #1 provider of technology to nursing homes across America, we often find nursing homes that we go into in shambles when it comes to up to date technology.  No or old computers,  no Internet access available to patients and a lack of private cable TV choices are three of the most common technology issues that we see.   The nursing home business is very competitive these days and we often see nursing homes that struggle to keep up with the technology of those who choose our services to fall by the wayside when it comes to monthly occupancy rates.
  5. Poor Staff to Patient Ratio – As one gets older and is in need of care at a nursing home or another type of senior facility, the main issue seems to be wait time when calling for assistance.  Many nursing homes that are looking to cut corners will often have short or untrained staff available for their patients, especially over night.   The lack of good workers is by far the biggest complaint that patients complain about during surveys.