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Top 5 DIRECTV Problems and How to Fix Them

Just like any other provider of cable television, DIRECTV is at the mercy of electronic equipment to broadcast its signal to users.   While the customer service that DIRECTV offers is great, there are still many easy ways to fix the DIRECTV problems that may occur with your box.  Let’s take a look into some of the most common problems and ways that you can fix them.

  1. Snow on Your Dish: One of the main problems that often occur to dishes mounted in cold weather environments is an accumulation of snow on a dish after a large storm.  While some dishes are easy to get to, others are perched hi on roofs that make access to them very difficult.  We recommend buying a satellite dish heater when you have your dish installed as this is a great way to avoid getting any accumulation of snow on your dish. Check out this article that we previously wrote about the benefits of using the dish heater.
  2. searching for satellite signalPoor Signal: If you have gotten a poor signal from the get go, it is obvious that the technician who installed your dish did not align it properly or there may be something in the way of your getting an optimal signal.  If you have gotten a great signal before and now do not, it might be that your dish shifted somehow and it is not aligned perfectly to the signal that it needs.  One great way we recommend to find out is to get a satellite meter signal locator such as the Birdog Satellite Meter Reader.   This piece of equipment will help you find the optimal signal without the need for a pricey service call.
  3. DIRECTV Error Code 721: This DIRECTV problem often comes up when channels that you have subscribed to or your company has subscribed too are suddenly not in your programming.  While these are rare for businesses to happen, they can sometimes occur due to the receiver not getting the right signal for the channel.  If you are a SeniorTV customer this would be an easy fix as you can call our customer support and we can fix it over the phone, but if you are a private customer you may have to contact DIRECTV to see what the deal is with your programming.
  4. DIRECTV Error Code 203: This is the dreaded “account past due” error code that you will often see if you have not paid up in time with your services.  This error code usually takes a checkbook or credit card to fix as DIRECTV has disconnected your programming.  If you are going through SeniorTV we offer some alternatives to those who are having issues paying, but these require a phone call to our office.
  5. Source Issues: One problem that we are seeing more often with older clients is not so much a DIRECTV problem, but a television issue.  With new LCD and LED TVs there are so many different ports that our clients sometimes get confused with what goes where and how to go from one source to the next.   These problems can usually be solved by reading through your TV instruction manual or a quick search online on how to fix problems with understanding what cable goes where.

Overall we highly recommend DIRECTV as a great product and stand by the excellent technology that they provide.   Just like any other piece of technology, there are bound to be a hiccup or two along the way.  If you are a SeniorTV customer and are having any issues with your current services, please give us a call at 1-800-890-7770 and we will walk you through ways to fix your problem.