At SeniorTV our focus is on creating new and improved technologies for seniors.  From traditional cable TV to Internet to our custom made MessageNow systems, we have did our due diligence on implementing the newest trends for senior citizens.

As the iPad has taken the technological world by storm, it has become one of the most popular items seen in nursing homes and long term care facilities around the United States.  In fact, SeniorTV has developed an iPad arm mount that is available for installation for our customers.  This accessory was added as one of our installation services after getting feedback on the extensive uses of iPads for seniors in nursing homes around the nation.

senior-ipadOne thing that makes the iPad and iPhone so enjoyable for older adults is that they can find their favorite apps without having to wade through a variety of websites.

With that being said, here is a list of our top 5 apps for seniors.

  1. EyeReaderEyeReader might be the most downloaded reading app for seniors around the globe.  One thing that almost all seniors lose first as they enter their golden years is their eye sight.  The EyeReader app turns an iPhone or and iPad into a magnifying glass with a light.  For $1.99 this is not only affordable, but a great replacement for a traditional magnifying glass that often gets lost in a nursing home environment.
  2. Pandora– Users can get Pandora for free or pay a little bit extra for the commercial free version.  Pandora is the most popular music app and website for seniors today, mostly due to the ability to choose any artist that the user wants.  Most seniors love listening to music from their childhood and younger years and Pandora lets users enter any popular artist of all-time or music genre and then plays the music that relates to that selection.
  3. PillBoxie– Unfortunately one thing that almost every senior citizen must deal with on a daily basis is taking medication at some time.  With Pillboxie, the user can setup their App to deliver alarms when it is time to take their medication.  This is great for those seniors who have become forgetful or who are just plain busy when it comes to remembering their pills.  At $0.99 this app for senior citizens is a great tool for those who take multiple doses of daily medications.
  4. Dragon Dictation– The one thing that separates most senior citizens from younger adults on their iPhones and iPads is their ability to type of text at a fast rate.  Due to a variety of reasons, the act of texting on a tiny keyboard is very hard to due for a large number of seniors.  Dragon Dictation is an app that lets users speak into their phones and will automatically dictate an e-mail or note for them.
  5. CogniFit– The one thing that many seniors complain about in a nursing home is boredom.  Many seniors are often bed ridden and have little to do to keep their minds in shape.  CogniFit changes all that by offering a number of “cognitive” games to help seniors keep their mind sharp.  This app has brain teasers, puzzles and trivia all wrapped into one exciting app.

As technology has become more and more a part of everyday life for seniors, the growth of “senior friendly” apps has becoming a booming industry.  The following five apps for seniors above are just a few of the many apps that have become a staple in many nursing home and long term care patients’ lives.