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Top 10 Senior Gift Ideas for Those Who Love Technology

One thing that many people always have trouble with for older adults is finding them a gift for their birthday or Christmas.  Many seniors often have everything they need in life, but often don’t know of the many cool gadgets that some of us younger folks know about.  With that in mind, we searched through many of the coolest gift for 2015 and created our list of top 10 senior gift ideas.

  1. iPad: While many seniors think of an iPad as just another “video game” type system, those who end up purchasing one usually love it.  With endless amounts of apps that are available for seniors and a very easy to use interface, and iPad is a great gift for those who enjoy technology.
  2. Digital Picture Frames: Nothing brings back the nostalgia of a senior’s youth like old pictures.   Now it is easier than ever for seniors to relive these moments through digital picture frames.  With these digital picture frames, the senior can have an endless slide show of their favorite pictures all together in one place.
  3. Nike Fuel Band: A great tool for helping seniors keep in shape is the Nike Fuel Watch.   The fuel watch has many great features that let users measure their fitness rate, keep track of how far they have walked and a number of other fitness measurements.
  4. Signal Edge Plus Phone Charger: Unlike the traditional boring phone charger, the signal edge plus phone charger allows users to browse their phone while it is charging.   This product is great for seniors because they can prop it up on their nightstand and enjoy their show or whatever they are watching on the phone.
  5. Sony Smartwatch 3: The Sony Smartwatch 3 is a stainless steel “smart watch” that has the look and feel of a classic stainless steel watch. With the ability to sync to a Smartphone, the Sony Smartwatch is a great use of dual technology for seniors.
  6. Google Chromecast- One of the best new senior gift ideas is the Google Chromecast device that can be plugged into any TV or monitor with a USB port. With the ability to watch your favorite apps on TV such as Netflix, Youtube and Google Play and at a low price of $35, the Google Chromecast is an excellent present for seniors who love technology.
  7. Portable Bluetooth Speakers- Many seniors love to listen to their favorite music while they are relaxing around their house or in their room at the nursing home. A great way for them to share the sound that is on their phone or PC is through a portable Bluetooth speaker.  These speakers allow users to broadcast their music on a portable speaker so that they can listen to it anywhere in range of their device.
  8. Whistle Activity Monitor- For seniors who have dogs, the whistle activity monitor is a great way for seniors to keep track of their pet’s daily activity. This monitor, which is attached to their animal and able to be monitored through a smart phone, is a great way for dog lovers to keep track of their pet’s activity.
  9. GE Link Lightbulbs- Those of us who remember the “Clapper” product from the 1980s will be fond of the GE Link Lightbulbs. With these “smart light bulbs” the seniors who use them will be able to control their lights from their smart phone.
  10. Ollie the Robot- Ollie is a cool robot that can be controlled with a Smartphone app. Users are able to move Ollie at a speed of up to 14 mph and Ollie does many cool tricks.