One of the hardest decisions that any family has to make is moving their parent or grandparent into an assisted living facility.  While it may seem like an easy transition, there are many hidden variables that are not thought of when planning the actual move.   Many seniors will be moving from the only place that they call home and this transition is very difficult to make.

assisted-living-facilityMoving a loved one to assisted living requires planning and it is something that we don’t suggest doing without planning everything beforehand.  With that being said, it can be done by those families who plan before hand.  Here are some tips on helping the move to assisted living that anyone can use as a guideline.

  1. Get Help with Packing: Get help sorting out what to take or what not to take. Plan a day where you can have your families meet together to help planning and packing what you will take to the assisted living.   It is wise to try and make a list of wants and needs and to make sure to handle all the needs before adding the wants to the list.
  2. Handle Your Bills: Handle all bills and make sure to forward anything that you get in the mail to your new address.   Also make sure to contact all doctors’ office and other places that may send you periodic mail to your assisted living facility.  Besides filling out a form at USPS, it is always wise to call the various offices and places that you will be receiving mail from to let them know.
  3. Ask Your Assisted Living Facility about a Moving Service: Many assisted living facilities have discounts and relationships with local movers and may be able to set up everything through these companies for you.   Contact your administrator and let them know of your planned move in date and they may be able to handle all the other details, which will help take the stress out of moving during the day.
  4. Prepare For the New: One thing that we suggest is for new residents is to get involved with as many things possible in the assisted living community.   Depression and loneliness are often the first things that happen to residents when they move into a new community.    Getting involved in new activities and making new friends is a great way to adjust to your new accommodations.
  5. Keep the Same Schedule: As creatures of habit it is wise to try and continue the same activities that you currently do at your residence.  Moving into an assisted living facility does not mean that you have to completely change your life; it only means you will change where you live at certain times.
  6. Embrace the Change: Write down all the positives that can come from your change instead of focusing on the negatives.  A new environment can be a positive change for a senior and it may provide opportunities to meet and socialize with people that they may have never had the chance to if they stayed at home.

Overall moving to an assisted living facility can be a difficult change for a senior and their family.  Using the tips above can definitely help those who have trouble transitioning to their new home.