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Tips on Finding Affordable Senior Housing

While some people have the option of paying out of pocket for senior housing, the majority of seniors have trouble affording a place to live.   With this in mind the United States Government created the Fair Housing Act in 1988 with the focus on helping seniors find a cheap, safe place to live.   These subsidized complexes can be found in urban and rural areas across the United States, but they differ from state to state.

affordable-housingLooking for affordable senior housing offers many disadvantages when compared to finding a nursing home or private residential location for your loved one.   Because these entities are run by the state or government and are for lower income individuals, many do not have some of the perks of a nursing home and are often in areas that many seniors do not want to live in as they reach their golden years.  With that being said, some of these are in good locations, but these ones usually require a waiting list of some kind.  Let’s take a look at some tips into finding affordable senior housing for your loved one.

Location Just like any other real estate choice, location is often the first place that one should look at when deciding on senior housing.   While generally these subsidized senior living choices are safer than the neighborhoods that surround them, some are not in the greatest location.  It is wise to search around and find a housing development that is not only in a safe location, but has easy access to a bus route and local stores that the senior may have to walk to during the day.

Costs:  Most low cost senior housing centers have costs that can be discussed up front, so that the person knows what they are getting in to.  Some of these senior centers will charge extra for amenities such as private cable TV, Internet and other optional bills.   Usually these costs are much cheaper than ordering them from a traditional cable company, but the home is still making some type of profit by providing these services, so it is wise to inquire about these upfront.

Medical Care:   Many senior apartment complexes will often employ an on-staff nurse or another health professional that is capable of handling minor injuries and helping clients with medication issues.   If you have a senior that will be living alone and that requires medical assistance at times, it is wise to find a place that has some type of staff available.

Know the Laws:  The Department of Housing and Urban Development ( is a great resource for those looking into possibly living in a subsidized housing development in your area.  Not only do they provide a great resource with all of the laws and regulations, but they offer tips on helping people get the most out of their affordable senior housing.

While all of these are excellent tips in helping a senior find an affordable place to live, it is wise to take your time and do your due diligence before committing to any type of senior living.  Often subsidized housing choices can be a good alternative, but it is wise to check through a number of different housing options before making the final choice.

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