As we are now in our 4th decade of working in the senior living field, we have seen many trends come and go over the years.   In the 1980s SeniorTV was one of the first companies to become a DirecTV reseller as mostly all businesses at the time relied on the local cable company to provide them their cable TV services.   As more and more businesses have seen the power of satellite TV and other technological trends, the growth in technology among seniors has grown tremendously.

future-senior-livingLike almost any other trend in the senior living industry we have seen a change in the way seniors operate their day to day activities.   As leaders in this field we’d like to offer some things that we feel will be the future of senior living.  Here are some of our favorites.

  1. Technology Boom- While the technology boom has happened as in the amount of Internet use and computers in nursing homes and long term care facilities, the increase in technology for almost everything possible continues to be on the rise. What we have seen is an increase in seniors being able to use new technology like never before.   Smart phones, tablets and other electronic devices are not only becoming common place among seniors, but are becoming rare if a senior does not possess one.
  2. Choices for Senior Care- As we look to the future of senior living we have seen the rise of more and more different types of care for seniors. The traditional nursing home that were prevalent in the 1980s and previously are still popular, but more and more different styles of senior living units have come up.  Many of these senior living centers are focusing on specific niches that deal with senior care and have grown popular over the last few years.
  3. Increased Affordability- With the increase in a range of options for seniors will also become an increase in affordability. No longer will seniors drain their bank accounts and potential futures of their relatives as the price for senior care will become more affordable.
  4. More Wellness Programs- With the Affordable Care Act starting, more and more senior living facilities will offer preventative care and wellness programs to keep their clients alive as long as possible.  Besides care that focuses on eating healthier, cutting out bad habits and working to improve memory, more facilities are even offering discounted prices for those who fit into certain programs.
  5. From Nursing Homes to Campuses- One thing that is becoming more and more prevalent as the age of the baby boomer is now fully in the senior range, is the actual facilities will become more like a college town or a small community rather than just a standalone care unit.    Restaurants, grocery stores, movie theatres and other senior amenities are just a few of the many things that have been popping up on senior living campuses over the past few years.

The future of senior living is growing in many positive ways.   Over the past 25+ years we have seen a transformation from small single unit “nursing homes” to large campuses with many amenities.

At SeniorTV we are among the leaders in the senior technology field.  With our experience and growth, we have seen senior communities transform into multi-purpose facilities.   We have also grown with these companies as we offer the most state of the art technology of any company in the senior niche.  To learn more about our services and what we have to offer give us a call at 1-800-890-7770.