Understanding finances and your retirement is important as seniors enter long term care facilities and nursing homes.  Because of the high cost of monthly fees and other costs, seniors need to plan and manage their money now more than ever.   With that being said,  the Internet is now filled with sites to help seniors not only manage their money, but to give them a game plan on how to save and utilize their money wisely.  Here is our list of the best senior finance and retirement sites of 2015 as presented by SeniorTV.

senior-financeMyMoney.gov:  MyMoney.gov is a site that is aimed at providing ways for seniors to manage and grow their money.  Sponsored by the federal government, this site has money education for all ages.

Kiplinger:  Kiplinger is one of the most respected and trusted personal finance sites on the net.  With its powerful finance blog, Kiplinger is one of the best senior finance and retirement sites on the web.   Kiplinger is filled with knowledgeable writers and columnists in various parts of the financial world.

Choosetosave.org: Filled with brochures, calculators and other various resources aimed at helping seniors, the choose to save website’s goal is to help seniors plan their retirement.   One of the best things about this site is the insight it gives to those who are planning their retirement, as it gives them calculators to plan their finances well into retirement.

Social Security Retirement Planner:  Social Security benefits can be very confusing for many seniors as there have been many changes in the way things are done now, compared to how they were done in the past.  Not only is this site chock full of information when it comes to social security, but it guides potential social security recipients through the process of applying and obtaining benefits.

Veteran’s Administration: Because of the large number of seniors that were in foreign wars, the Veteran’s administration is one of the largest and most widely used group for seniors.  The Veteran’s administration website not only provides valuable financial planning information for seniors, but it also has many other things for seniors.   Free tax preparations, online pharmacy, lists of hospitals are just some of the many things that the VA provides to veterans.

2Young2Retire:  2Young2Retire is a senior blog that is aimed at helping seniors plan for the rest of their life after they “retire” from their traditional job.  This website provides a ton of valuable information on planning life after retirement and specializes in 101 ways to “start” the rest of your life.

Taxsites.com:   Taxsites.com is a directory of tax, accounting and payroll sites for almost any type of financial need.   Seniors can find almost anything they need when it comes to tax and accounting.

These are just some of the many great senior finance sites of 2015.  At SeniorTV our goal is to provide the best information possible to seniors as they progress through their senior years.  If you are interested in learning more about what we have to offer, please call us at 1-800-890-7770.