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The Best Fall Activities for Seniors

With the summer weather going away, the fall season is perhaps the most favorite time of year for seniors.   As we grow older most seniors like to avoid extreme conditions that summers and winters around the United States offer.   Most of us enjoy the cool breezes and comfortable temperatures that come with fall.  With that being said, more and more seniors come outside and enjoy the fall weather than they do in the summer.   As we grow old it is important for seniors to stay active and there is nothing better that finding fall activities for seniors that are fun and keep you in shape.  Here is a list of some of our favorite fall activities for senior citizens to enjoy in the fall season.

Hikes:   For seniors that can still walk and enjoy the outside weather, hiking is one of the most popular activities to enjoy in the fall season.  It is very important to know your terrain and know the weather conditions when preparing for fall hiking.  We recommend avoiding days when it rains out or days after a huge rain as slippery conditions can turn a fun hike to disaster in no time.   For the brisk, sunny days there is nothing better than a fall hike to keep the heart rate up while enjoying the beautiful weather outside.

Football Games:  Perhaps the most beloved sport in America is football and it is played in almost everywhere in the United States.   While some people love the NFL, many seniors enjoy going to almost any competitive football game no matter what age group.  We recommend checking out the local high schools or colleges in your area and make sure to ask them about senior discounts and any special seating that they may have for senior citizens.   If you can’t make it to the game you can enjoy all games on DirecTV through their NFL package.

Traveling:  Don’t like the beach so much, but love seeing new places?   If so, we recommend the fall for the best time to plan your traveling.   More and more seniors are finding deep discounts to travel places in the fall because it is the off-season to when many working adults travel with their children throughout the summer.  Check out  for a list of some of the best places to travel this time of the year.  With the Internet, seniors can plan their whole trip without leaving the comforts of their living room and get some of the best deals around.  Also give a call to the AARP to see if they know of any deals that are currently running for seniors looking to travel.

Senior Softball:  One of the largest sporting groups in America our senior softball leagues.   While almost everyone under age 65 is working or going to school, senior softball is going on in baseball fields around the country.  Not only do seniors get to enjoy fun at their local softball fields, but many of these seniors plan trips and go on vacations with groups of others their age, which makes for a great fall activity.

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