Although you probably have heard of bulk cable, you may not know how it works or how businesses can benefit from it.  This article takes a look at how buying in large quantities works and how it can be beneficial to your business.

When you purchase bulk television, you have the ability to purchase television channels at wholesale prices.  Rather than pay the high rates that a local cable company will charge, buying from a commercial satellite dealer can be a great way to not only save money, but make money from your customers.

One such company that specializes in providing bulk satellite TVbulk cable services is SeniorTV.   In its 20th year of providing bulk TV and cable across the United States, SeniorTV has become the leader of the bulk cable market.   With their bulk program, SeniorTV gives large facilities the ability to watch satellite TV at prices much cheaper than the local cable company.

The types of businesses who usually have wholesale or bulk television are companies that have residents or guests that stay at their establishment over night.  One of these types of businesses is nursing homes.   It gives you the ability to provide different residents in different rooms with their choice of television.  This can be beneficial because it makes the residents feel as though they are at home.  It is one of the few things that were a part of their life before they moved to the nursing home, and after they moved to the nursing home.  Another type of business that benefits from these services is hotel owners.  The hotel will have the ability to provide all of their customers with satellite television that they enjoy in their rooms.  Commercial satellite can be a great outlet for people who are looking to unwind after a long day of traveling.  There are numerous options when it comes to the types of businesses that will benefit from buying cable in large amounts.

Benefits for businesses that are using bulk television services:

Cost saver: Businesses will be interested in buying in bulk because it can save them money.  Think of the nursing home as an example.  The bulk TV provider can charge them on a per room basis.  This is better for the nursing home because they won’t have cable in rooms for people who are not there, or are not interested in having television in their room.  There are numerous benefits associated with saving money when it comes to business.  One of those benefits is that you can make an overall greater profit.

Make customers happy: Another way that buying in bulk can help a business is that your customers will stay happy and keep coming back for more.  A good example is for residents in long term care facilities who get satellite cable TV in their room.   With this option, facilities have the option to pick and choose channels based on their customers wants, rather than paying for large packages like the ones offered from their local cable company.

Get only what they want: Another benefit for businesses that purchase from a company like SeniorTV is that they are only required to purchase the channels that their residents or customers are interested in seeing.  This will be more convenient for your residents and guests because they won’t have to flip through hundreds of channels that they are not interested in.  Another benefit of providing your customers only with the channels that they are interested in is that it will save you money.  You won’t be wasting money on the channels that no one has an interest in.  This can be beneficial because you can spend the money that you would be wasting on unwanted channels on things that your customers/residents might really want.

Overall the use of bulk cable television services in any type of facility with a large number of residents is great for all parties involved.  Not only do administrators get cable TV services at a lower price than the local cable company, but they get to pick and choose their channels and offer residents a reduced price on cable.