A cable headend will include a satellite dish that has the ability to provide access to users in multiple different rooms or locations in a building.  Another component of the headends is the cable modem termination system.  The purpose of this part of the equipment is to exchange digital signals with different modems.

What are the biggest benefits of adding this to your businesses?

Costs- The goal of every business is to turn a profit and finding cable for less money is one easy way to do this.  Installing your own unit is not only a money saver for the business, but also a revenue generator.  With this type of installation the business becomes the “cable company” and can charge residents whatever price that they wish rather than paying high cable company prices.

Accessibility- It allows multiple people to use the internet or cable without sacrificing speed and quality.  This is especially beneficial for businesses that are trying to make their residents feel comfortable and at home.  Satellite TV is a way for people to relax, or provide an escape for people who are in difficult situations.  Businesses that require residents to stay overnight will also benefit from using a reliable alternative to cable TV.  It is probably a more affordable option than what they are currently paying in order to give their residents access to cable.

Who will benefit the most from cable headend?

Businesses who are required to provide cable to multiple different people, in multiple different rooms will be the biggest beneficiary when it comes to using cable head-ends.

Here are some of the major industries that are included in this description:

  • Hospitals, nursing homes, residential care

Access to the cable and/or internet can be especially beneficial for people with mental or physical limitations.  It can provide entertainment to your patients or customers, making it an overall better experience.  These businesses will definitely benefit from purchasing this alternative to cable TV.

  • Correctional facilities, rehabilitation centers, addiction centers

Correctional facilities and rehabilitation centers will also benefit from a headend because they are required to offer cable in multiple different rooms.  Jails often use televisions as a way to provide some entertainment for the inmates, while television can be therapeutic for someone who is going through rehab due to a physical limitation.  It can be a great way to provide both parties a way to escape from reality, and catch them up on what is going on in the outside world.

  • College dorm rooms, apartments

Apartment complexes have the ability to advertise the fact that cable is included in the rent.  You can make a profit on this by increasing the amount you charge a tenant a month.  It’s a win-win situation because you can make more money, while offering your tenant an affordable option when it comes to cable.  For example, you could increase every tenants rent by $50 a month.  This amount will still be more affordable than if the tenant were to purchase cable on their own.  At the same time, you are able to make a bigger profit because this is an affordable way to provide multiple people with cable.

  • Hotels, motels, and more.

Hotels, especially high end hotels, will definitely need to provide their customers with high quality access to the cable.  If the person is willing to pay a high price to stay per night, you definitely want to give them every amenity and more that they would typically have at their own home.  Motels can also install a headend unit as a means to make more profit.  They can put the cable in certain rooms and charge the people who are willing to pay for access to cable.  This is an effective way to grow your customer satisfaction because you can still offer a low price, while adding options for customers.

When looking for TV programming it is always important to buy from a reliable source.   Since 1992, SeniorTV has become one of the largest companies in the United States in the satellite TV industry.   With over 50 professional technicians, this company has built and installed cable TV units in over 1,500 facilities in the United States.   From long term care facilities to prisons, SeniorTV has custom built units for facilities of every size.   Using the best coaxial cable and state of the art satellite TV software, SeniorTV builds custom headends to fit the needs of their customers and provides an excellent alternative to cable TV.

Purchasing a cable headend for your business can benefit you in many ways.  It’s an ultra-affordable option for a business that requires cable to run to multiple different rooms.  You can spend less on the cable, while not sacrificing on speed, options, or quality.