Technology does not always belong to the younger generation, though they do make many inventions in this field. Research has shown that senior citizens make up a group that is surprisingly tech-savvy. A senior is generally defined as someone who is aged sixty-five or older. This age group represents fourteen percent of the population or about forty-three million people. Technology such as cell phones, smart phones, tablets, e-readers, and social media sites are all used by varying portions of the older generation. What are some of the factors that influence technology trends for seniors?

technology-trends-for-seniorsSeveral elements play a part in the level of technology that a senior citizen chooses for his or herself. Physical ailments and disabilities can make navigating intricate gadgets difficult. People that struggle physically are also more likely to be a bit older and poorer as well. These aspects can negatively affect person’s ability and desire to try new technology. By contrast, a person who is healthier, younger and richer may be more open to technological change. Location also plays a part, as those that live in urban and suburban areas tend to be more progressive.

Across the United States, cell phone use is high among all age groups, young or old. Ninety-one percent of all American adults have a cell phone, and seventy-seven percent of all seniors have one. The smart phone does not appear to be popular, however. Only eighteen percent of all seniors own one, compared to fifty percent of all adults. But twenty-seven percent of senior citizens own a tablet or e-reader, compared to forty-three percent of all adults, which shows that these two devices make up one of the technology trends for seniors.

Regarding the internet, usage remains high for all adults, young or old. Nearly ninety percent of all adults go online and nearly 60 out of 100 seniors do. The amount of homes of adults, aged sixty-five or older, with broadband connection has risen as well. When asked if they thought they were missing out on information, half of all non-internet users in the senior age group answered yes. Eight in ten current senior citizen internet users agreed to the statement, with nearly all of them stating that the internet makes finding information easier.

Social media has grown in this age group, especially among women. Over half of social network sites are visited by women, compared to about forty percent of men. Although sites such as Twitter and Facebook are not used as extensively by this generation, those that do are happier to have a chance to connect with their loved ones and are more social off-line because of it.

The figures are growing, and many older adults have found technology to be an asset to their daily life. Some struggle when it comes to using new gadgets and could benefit from something that is easier to navigate. Those seniors that have integrated themselves into this technological age, through cell phones, tablets, e-readers, the internet and social media can tell us with confidence that technology trends for seniors are on the rise.


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