Being on the cutting edge of technology for senior citizens, we at SeniorTV often get questions about “training” for the patients in the assisted living homes and long term care facilities that we provide our services to.  What we have seen from speaking with administrators and actual residents is a huge increase in the use of technology by seniors at the facilities that we visit.

While senior use of the Internet and other new technologies is on the rise, many seniors still do not use the new technologies of our modern times for a variety of reasons.  For some it is because they are not familiar with the newer technology and feel that they cannot learn new tricks at an old age.

The problem with this is that many of these seniors do not know what they are missing.  As technology changes, more and more seniors in assisted living and nursing home environments are using technology on a daily basis to connect with loved ones and to enjoy their life inside of these facilities.

technology-trainingOne thing that is on the rise is technology training for seniors.  Up until recently, most computer training was done in colleges and aimed mostly for younger kids. Because of the influx in baby boomers entering senior citizen age, computer training for seniors has grown tremendously in the past few years.

Whether it is online or held at the local nursing home, more and more seniors are taking advantage of this program.  At SeniorTV we keep up to date with emerging technologies and training programs that help out our customers.  Below is a few online technology training links that we have found useful for seniors looking to understand technology.

Seniornet:  Seniornet is one of the oldest and well known computer training solutions for seniors. Not only do they offer in person training, but their website is jam packed full of information and training opportunities aimed at helping seniors learn about computers and the Internet.

Senior Surf:  Offering group classes, private classes and technology support to seniors, SeniorSurf is one of the top technology training groups in the United States. With the focus purely on seniors, this group is one of the best at what it does.

Youtube:  Youtube offers almost any type of training known to man and has several “senior” computer education videos that are popular. When looking for videos online, make sure to use a search such as “senior computer training” when searching for videos.

EGurus:  EGurus is more of personalized tutor rather than a training program. EGurus focuses on providing training for seniors for using personal tools that can help them stay in touch with family and friends.

Technology training for seniors is a growing field and will continue to expand as new technologies are created. While the Internet is the driving force behind the training, more and more groups will continue to offer specialty classes designed to help seniors meet their technology needs and train beginners who need help getting connected.