One huge decision that service businesses must make is choosing what type of television service they will offer their customers.  With advancements in technology over the past couple of decades, businesses now have several options when choosing companies.  Commercial DIRECTV installation has shown tremendous growth for businesses over the last 20 years.  With its wide variety of packages and low prices, DirecTV has become the most popular alternative to cable for businesses nationwide.

Quality: Cable televisioCommercial DIRECTVn has limitations when in regards to the quality of the picture because of its bandwidth.  DIRECTV does not have the bandwidth limitations of traditional commercial cable television because the signal only has to travel a couple hundred feet versus many miles.  This can be especially important for businesses who claim to give customers the best of the best when it comes to everything.

Variety: Another big benefit satellite TV has over traditional cable is its ability to access a wide variety of channels.  This can be crucial for businesses that depend on their televisions to give their users/customers some source of entertainment.  With a cable headend installation, facilities have the option to pick and choose which channels they would like for their company and disregard the least popular channels.

Price: When adding a new system to a facility, customers get much lower prices than they would from a local cable provider.  Instead of being at the mercy of selecting large packages of programming, customers who choose this type of satellite service can pick and choose the channels they wish.  With these selections, the facility is charged per channel, rather than a large amount for a package that they might not use.

Here is how some larger organizations can benefit from commercial DIRECTV installation

Prisons: As previously mentioned one of the biggest benefits to making the switch is that you are able to place parental controls on all of the television channels and programs.  This can be especially important for guards/workers at jail because they do not want their inmates to be exposed to any violence or images of drugs on the television.  You can prevent any negative situations that might be caused by certain channels or programs that come up on the television.

Long Term Care Facilities: One of the biggest benefits of nursing homes switching over from cable is that DIRECTV has a higher number of satisfied customers.  In general, customers state that DIRECTV gives them more options and better quality.  This can be especially important for nursing homes.  As patients progress in life, they have limited mobility.  Because of this limited liability, they typically enjoy television.  It is one of the only things that they are looking for when it comes to entertainment.  Having custom channels with shows they enjoy can make their stay very enjoyable.

Hotels: Hotels can definitely see a big benefit if they are willing to switch from cable to DIRECTV.  One of the biggest benefits is having the potential to provide your customers with more viewing options.  For example, they may be able to find a sports game that they’d never be able to access if you had cable television.  This can be so big for hotels because it adds to your hospitality.  Your customers will feel like they are at home when they have the ability to watch all the sports from their state.

Switching to commercial DIRECTV can be especially beneficial for businesses that rely on televisions in order to entertain their customers.  And they can also make a big difference for businesses that have customers that sleep over night.  Providing these customers with television that can enjoy can definitely make them feel happy and at home.