When it comes to cable, you are definitely better off using a private cable system.  For years, the public cable providers have had us believing that they are the only option that we all have.  However, over the past 20 years new companies have been coming out and giving customers cable alternatives to cable TV.  Here’s a list of some of the many benefits of switching from a public cable system to a privatized cable.

Signal Quality- The biggest benefit of using a private, over a public cable system is that you will get a better quality signal, and the signal will be less likely to get disturbed.  When you have a private provider, the signal will only be required to reach the destination of your business. When you have a public provider, the signal will be required to reach hundreds of different places, in hundreds of different locations.  This factor alone is a major reason why you choose chose a private provider over a public.  No one wants their favorite television program or channel to be cut off due to poor quality.

New Revenue Venture- Using a private cable system can generate more revenue for you if you are the head of an apartment complex, nursing home, hotel, and more.  You can make money through using this system because you will be able to attract many tenants/residents, and keep them happy by providing them with a better television option.  By providing an affordable cable alternative you not only can offer better service, but much better prices for your customers.

Niche programming- Anotheprivate cabler one of the many benefits to switching to a private provider is that you may have the ability to choose from specific programs/channels.  This differs from public cable systems, who force you to purchase entire packages in order to watch a few of the favorites.  This is one of the many complaints that are associated with having local cable companies.

Pay for a specific niche- In addition to being able to choose the channels that you want, you can also save yourself some money.  For example, you pick a package that includes television channels that specifically target one demographic.  This will save you money because you are not going to be paying for channels that your residents or guests are not interested in watching.  This can be especially beneficial for people who are running their own apartment complex or have multiple tenants living under one roof.  For example, a long term care facility may be geared towards people who are 65 or older.  You will have the ability to have a package that target that demographic.  This will save you money because you will not be paying for things that they do not want.

Why television is so important:

Television has become a big part of our lives and you will be able to keep your residents/guests happy if you give them high quality and variety.  In nursing homes, television can become a way for residents to be nostalgic and remember their favorite shows that they watched while they were growing up.  In hospital and rehabilitation centers, television can provide an escape from the pain that the patient is going through in their everyday life.  It can provide an escape for the viewer, even though the reality is that they are stuck in bed.  Finally, tenants can keep their renters happy by including television in the package.  Or they could decide to charge an extra fee for the television and make a profit on it.  The options are limitless when it comes to television because it seems as though everyone wants to be watching it.  Whether you are a gym that wants to provide cable in order for your customers to keep entertained, or you want the television to be an outlet for the patients in a hospital- you will definitely benefit if you choose to privatize.


Why have private cable systems taken so long to come around and become popular?

There are multiple reasons why private cable systems have taken a long time to gain in popularity.  One of the reasons why private systems have taken so long to gain popularity is that cable systems were monopolizing the market.  The impact of satellite giants such as DirecTV has leveled the playing field as customers now have options outside of their local cable company.