Palliative vs. Hospice- Making a Final Choice

One of the hardest decisions for any one taking care of an elderly individual is what the best placement for them is as they age.  While nursing homes and long term care facilities are great choices for those who need minimal care, many others must choose a place for...

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Cardio for Seniors: 5 Best Choices

More and more seniors are hitting the gym, water and trails than ever.   At SeniorTV we have seen a huge increase in health activities in long term care facilities and nursing homes across the United States.  More and more facilities are using fitness equipment as a...

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Best Senior Inventions 2014

At SeniorTV we are always trying out and tinkering with the newest products in the senior field.  While we cater to long term care facilities and nursing homes, we also like to keep on top of other happenings in the technology world.  With that being said we have a...

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The Future of Senior Living

As we are now in our 4th decade of working in the senior living field, we have seen many trends come and go over the years.   In the 1980s SeniorTV was one of the first companies to become a DirecTV reseller as mostly all businesses at the time relied on the local...

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Top 5 Diet Tips for Seniors

As we enter the golden era for senior citizens more and more are relying on dietary changes to improve their well-being.  At SeniorTV we have seen the wonders of a good diet first hand, as many of our 65+ year old employees have benefited from improving their diet.  ...

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