Senior Safety Tips – Bathroom and Kitchen Safety

When it comes to senior safety tips there are many things that a loved one of a senior should look for that may be different from their own living conditions.   Because many seniors are limited by their ability to do simple household tasks it is important for those...

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4 Nursing Home Search Mistakes to Avoid

While planning to put your parents or loved ones in a nursing home can be overwhelming, there are some common mistakes that we see families make.   Not all nursing homes are the same and often times an unknowing relative are thrust into making an important decision on...

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5 Technology Changes since the 1980s

As we reflect on our 20+ years of service in the senior technology industry we sometimes forget about our past.   Starting off as a 3 person operation in Akron, Ohio in the late 1980s, Rick Briggs had a goal of bringing cable to nursing homes all across America at low...

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Tips to avoid the flu for Seniors

Winter time is perhaps the worst time of year in nursing homes and assisted living facilities due to the high number of colds and flus that are common among seniors.   Much like school systems and hospitals, senior care facilities are often a breeding ground for germs...

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