A Glimpse into Senior Cooperative Housing

One of the newest trends in senior living in the past few years has been the explosion of senior cooperative housing developments over the United States.  Senior cooperative housing is less restrictive environment than a nursing home or long term care facility, but...

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Starting a Senior Blog: 5 Tips to Get Started Today

More and more seniors are starting to utilize technology to help them not only communicate with their family and friends, but also to put their thoughts and ideas online for others to see.   More and more seniors are starting to blog and some are even getting paid for...

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Top Senior Information Websites for 2015

More and more authoritative websites and blogs are being built towards seniors in 2015.  While many of these websites are fun, many provide valuable information that can help seniors perform day to day tasks.   While this information use to take days of research and...

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5 Technology Safety Tips for Seniors

While more and more seniors have come accustomed to using technology, many have very little clue when it comes to technology safety.   While the learning curve has shrunk for seniors recently, many don’t have a clue on how to keep their technology safe when it comes...

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5 Senior Trends for 2015

As SeniorTV enters its 4th decade of operation we have seen many changes over the years.   From the late 1980s to 2015 the world as we know it has changed tremendously over the years.  One thing that we have seen the biggest change is in technology and how we seniors...

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