The Benefits of Buying Bulk Cable

Although you probably have heard of bulk cable, you may not know how it works or how businesses can benefit from it.  This article takes a look at how buying in large quantities works and how it can be beneficial to your business. When you purchase bulk television,...

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How to Grow Your Business with Bulk Internet Services

Providing bulk internet services to a facility is a great way to generate money for your business. How buying and providing this type of service can save your business bundles of money: Costs: One of the biggest benefits of buying internet in bulk is that it can save...

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Benefits of a Private Message Channel

A message channel is a way that two parties are able to communicate.  Simply put, they are a way for one end to receive or give information to another party.  Used as a form of communication, these can be extremely valuable for businesses that need to distribute...

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How Wholesale Cable TV Can Benefit Your Business

There are many types of businesses that can benefit from the use of wholesale cable TV.  Any type of facility with a large number of rooms can benefit from buying their cable services wholesale from a reputable company.  Listed below are several ways how a company can...

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Growth of the Commercial Satellite Market

As technology has progressed over the last couple of decades, no market has shown greater growth then the commercial satellite market. Over the past twenty years, satellites have been used in various ways by businesses in different industries.  Some of these...

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SeniorTV celebrates 20 years serving Long Term Care

SeniorTV celebrates its 20th year in business providing television services nationally to the long-term care industry.  According to Founder and President Rick Briggs, the company became focused on providing low-cost service to the senior living market after providing...

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