Birdog Satellite Meter Signal Locator Review

As a provider of DirecTV and other satellite services to nursing homes and assisted living communities across the United States one of the our most important functions is customer service.   Despite a very low rate of performance issues overall, we tend to get our...

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Preventing Seniors Falls: Some Tips to Help

At SeniorTV we work extensively with administrators and seniors throughout senior nursing homes and long term care facilities across the nation.   One of the main problems that we see among our fellow seniors is falls.   Unlike falls for younger people, seniors that...

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How Senior Living Can Improve a Seniors Dating Life

One subject that isn’t mentioned much about is the amount of relationships that blossom inside nursing homes and long term care facilities.   Due to a variety of reasons, more and more seniors are not only finding love in their long term care facility, but some...

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Top 6 Senior Memory Improvement Tricks

One of the first things to go on seniors is their memory.  Many seniors who enter long term care facilities and nursing homes often suffer from some sort of memory loss.  While advanced stages of dementia and Alzheimer’s are nearly impossible to treat, there are...

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The Best Senior Finance and Retirement Sites of 2015

Understanding finances and your retirement is important as seniors enter long term care facilities and nursing homes.  Because of the high cost of monthly fees and other costs, seniors need to plan and manage their money now more than ever.   With that being said, ...

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7 Top Free Senior Apps for 2015

As we have now entered 2015, the term “App” has no longer become a foreign term for seniors across the world.   Almost any place that you go in public; you will find senior citizens using phone applications along with the rest of the world.  There are many great apps...

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