Nursing Home Reviews: What to Look For as a Patient

We mentioned in a previous article about the importance of doing your homework as a family or potential resident before making the process of moving into a nursing home.  The fact is that not all nursing homes look the same in a brochure or online as they function day...

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5 Summer Destinations for Seniors

One thing that brings back nostalgia to seniors is remembering their younger days in the summer.  Summer time for many in nursing homes and senior communities can be a time for the residents to leave their respective homes and go out and do things with their...

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Top 5 Senior Technology Changes Over the Last 20 Years

As a seller of bulk cable TV and provider to senior care centers around the country for over the past 20 years we have seen many changes when it comes to senior technology.  Starting off as a small reseller of bulk TV services, we have grown to one of the top senior...

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Senior’s Guide to Summer Sports

As DirecTV continues to add more and more sports channels to appeal to its clientele who love sports,  nursing home and long term care facilities often ask us what are the best sporting events for their residents to watch.  The problem many older resident have is that...

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