10 Popular Hobbies for Senior Citizens

When one traditional thinks of senior citizen hobbies they generally classify them with things that only “old people” do such as knitting, playing checkers and taking walks.  As senior living has changed over the years more and more seniors are starting to get into...

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Pets in Nursing Homes- 5 Pets are Helping Seniors

Senior nursing homes and assisted living communities are starting to turn more and more like traditional housing.   One thing that has been utilized in senior nursing homes over the years, but it becoming more and more common is the use of permanent pets at the...

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Birdog Satellite Meter Signal Locator Review

As a provider of DirecTV and other satellite services to nursing homes and assisted living communities across the United States one of the our most important functions is customer service.   Despite a very low rate of performance issues overall, we tend to get our...

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Preventing Seniors Falls: Some Tips to Help

At SeniorTV we work extensively with administrators and seniors throughout senior nursing homes and long term care facilities across the nation.   One of the main problems that we see among our fellow seniors is falls.   Unlike falls for younger people, seniors that...

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How Senior Living Can Improve a Seniors Dating Life

One subject that isn’t mentioned much about is the amount of relationships that blossom inside nursing homes and long term care facilities.   Due to a variety of reasons, more and more seniors are not only finding love in their long term care facility, but some...

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