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Staying Mentally Sharp: Volunteer Opportunities for Senior Citizens

Many seniors count down the days until retirement and then realize that they become extremely bored once they get there.   While some pick a second career, many pick part-time volunteer opportunities in things that they love.   Depending on your location and the local economy there are countless organizations that can benefit from having a wise senior citizen helping them out.  Here are just a few of the most popular volunteer opportunities for senior citizens.

Reading for the Blind: Those with impaired vision or people who are suffering from a total loss of vision are happy to have others read many kinds of written material aloud to them. A number of national and local organizations offer books on tape to those with impaired sight. Many such places are always looking for volunteers to help. Volunteers may be asked to read a book into a tape that is send to others. They may also be asked to go to a person’s house and read directly to them.

Working with Other Seniors: Another volunteering option is that of volunteering at a senior center or even working with other seniors at home. Doing so allows any senior to interact with other in their peer group. Volunteering can take the form of helping with tasks such as taking someone shopping or assisting them with pet care or just helping them cook a meal at home that tasty and nutritious.   Check out the website  to try and find a senior volunteer opportunity in your area.

senior-golf-course-mentally-sharp-commercial-televisionWorking at a Golf Course:   For the senior who loves to golf, nothing is better than enjoying the day out at your local golf course helping out.  While many of these jobs often offer a wage,  some offer the greatest fringe benefit of all (FREE Golf !)  to senior citizens that can help out around the course.   Check with your local golf course and see if they have any volunteer opportunities for senior citizens that you may be able to assist with.
Assisting Children: Many seniors find that working with youngsters is a great way to help them continue to feel young. A senior may consider volunteering their time to help out at a local daycare or read stories to kids at an area school. Many schools welcome community volunteers to help organize important tasks such as science fairs or even just helping out by preparing a good lunch for those attending the local school.

Volunteering at a Local Library: Libraries are always happy to welcome new people, especially senior citizens. Many libraries need people to help shelve books, speak with patrons by phones and set up brand new displays. Library work can be ideal for the senior who loves books and wants to be around others who also adore them as well. Library volunteers can also do other important things such as helping children learn to read and assisting those who may have problems with basic literacy skills.

Teaching a Class: A great way to help keep mentally sharp is by teaching a class. Many local community colleges are happy to have volunteers teach a specific subject. A retired nurse can help nursing students master the basics of their profession. A retired lawyer can help introduce students to the fundamentals of her profession and make it clear what it takes to be good at it. This can be a great way for any senior to reach out to others.

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