Seniors can still enjoy many activities to stay in shape. There are various activities that can be enjoyed indoors, to substitute activities that would otherwise get done outdoors. Seniors can continue having a healthy lifestyle during the winter months to stay in shape without sacrificing their exercise.


At SeniorTV we have seen a major transformation in seniors entering their golden years in much better shape than in the past.   Most of those we speak with who stay fit can credit some type of physical activity that keeps them feeling young.   Here are just a few of the most common ways that they can stay in shape throughout the winter.

Walking Indoors
Seniors can use a treadmill to get their daily cardio exercise. Treadmills offer the same advantages as walking outdoors. Seniors can do their daily walk by using the treadmill. Using a treadmill can prevent accidents during the cold, winter weather. Other exercise machines both at home or at a gym can be used. In addition, there are many places seniors can go walk that are indoors, such as the mall.

Using Stairs for Exercise 
An alternative to not leaving one’s home is to exercise using stairs. These can be stairs that are indoors or outdoors. Stairs provide a great way to remain in shape while being safe. Running or going up and down stairs burns calories. If you live in a nursing home or assisted living facility, there are usually many stairs that you can use and skip the elevator.

Winter Snow Sports
senior-winter-activitiesNot all activities to stay in shape during the winter, have to get done indoors. Seniors who enjoy being outdoors, can participate in winter sports. Ice-skating can be a fun way to stay in shape. Snow sledding, skiing, and snowboarding can also be calorie burning activities. Even a walk down the street if the weather conditions allow it can work. Caution should be taken to prevent accidents and injuries while playing in the snow.

Going Bowling
An often overlooked activity to stay in shape is bowling. Bowling is a sport that gets the body moving, while having fun. It is also a great way to socialize with other seniors. Bowling builds strength and tones muscles. It is not necessary to have great knowledge to go bowling.  Many nursing homes and senior centers often incorporate a “bowling day” where all the seniors get together and join a bowling league.

Seniors who enjoy dance can choose to stay in shape by dancing. There are many different types of dancing that are offered at leisure class centers. This includes Zumba, ballroom dancing, line dancing and square dancing classes. Classes are offered at different levels for those who are beginners and those who are advanced. Dancing can also be done at home with a partner, to any type of music. The point is for there to be some body rhythm, regardless of the dance style to get exercise.

Leisure Exercise Classes
Besides dancing, there are fitness classes that are offered for seniors. Yoga, pilates, tai-chai, dyo, and circuit training are fitness activities that are known for being active workouts. Swimming in indoor pools is another option which counts as aerobic exercise. Classes can be taken in person at leisure class centers or they can be taken by watching DVDs at home.


These are just a few of the many winter senior activities that we suggest for those in cold weather environments.  If you have never tried any of these give them a shot, you make like them.