More and more seniors are starting to utilize technology to help them not only communicate with their family and friends, but also to put their thoughts and ideas online for others to see.   More and more seniors are starting to blog and some are even getting paid for it.   For those who are unfamiliar with the term senior blogging or what a blog may be, it is just an electronic form of expressing thoughts, ideas and articles online.   People blog about many things, but the majority of senior’s blog about their life, their thoughts and things that relate to other seniors.  Here are some tips for seniors looking to join the technology age and start their own blog.

senior-blogsPick a Topic:  Many senior bloggers will just blog in a diary format.  That is they blog about what is happening in their daily life and their thoughts and feeling on certain issues.   Other bloggers like to specialize in certain subjects such as senior care, politics, pets, cooking, etc.   Basically you can blog about anything and everything and there is no real format to picking a blog.  Our best advice is to blog about something that you are passionate about, that is why you will have good content and you will always have a platform.

Pick a Platform:  While there are many different types of programs to start a blog with, we at SeniorTV highly recommend starting a blog with WordPress.   Not only is WordPress the most popular platform to use, but it also has a short learning curve and tons of assistance for any problems that may occur.   WordPress is free and easy to log into and provides countless “WordPress Experts” who are more than willing to help a senior create their first blog.

Pick a Domain Name:   Picking a domain name can be done through countless number of websites, but we recommend picking a popular one such as GoDaddy or NameCheap if you are looking for ease of use and reliability.   We recommend personalizing your blog and making it something catchy.  While there are many domain names taken at this point, there should be plenty left if you personalize it to yourself and your blog.   For example, if your name was Fred Peterson and you wanted to blog about politics you might choose a domain name such as  or something similar that not only captures your ideas, but is easily identifiable.

Pick a Host:   After picking a domain name, which usually runs about $10-15 a year,  you will want to purchase hosting for your site.  Hosting is basically a computer that will host your site and give others (The Internet) access to your site.   While you COULD host your own, this takes great technical knowledge and really isn’t worth it.   Many people choose to host with the same company that they purchase the domain name from and often get a discounted package when purchasing both together.   Once again we recommend sites such as GoDaddy and Namecheap if you are looking for a good reliable host.

Start Blogging:   Blogging can be as easy as typing in your WordPress site or using your Microsoft Word program to type your thoughts and copy and paste them into your blog.   Once again WordPress does have a learning curve, but is easy to get the hang of once you try it out for a few days.

Share Ideas:  With the explosion of Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and other social media sites, blogs have gone from hidden pages, to things that can be brought to all of your family and friends at the click of a button.   WordPress Plugins are great things that can be added to your senior blog that allows you to easily share your blog with family, friends and whoever else is interested on your social media sites.

Technology has become a huge factor in senior’s lives around the world.  More and more senior bloggers have started their own blogs each and every day.

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