As an expert in installing and implementing technologies in nursing homes and assisted living facilities throughout the nation we have seen the rise in the use of Social Media for Senior Citizens over the past few years.  Gone are the days of the just a few years ago where older people did not embrace technology.  Now senior citizens, especially those who live in assisted living centers have embraced the use of technology and now use it on a daily basis.

SeniorTV originally started off as just a commercial DirecTV reseller in 1992, as of 2014 we have added several new technology features to meet our customer’s needs over the years.  One thing that we have seen a dramatic rise in is the installation of Internet services into nursing rooms and assisted living facilities that we service.  While in years past, a small portion of our clients would request Internet installation, now it has become the norm in almost every assisted living community that we service, much of this to do with the rise in popularity of social media for seniors.

While there are many different social media outlets, we will touch on the “Big 3” that have taken over the senior market.  Facebook, Twitter and YouTube have become the most popular social media websites that seniors visit on a daily basis and the trend is on the rise.  Let’s take a look at why these social media sites for senior citizens are on the rise.

social-media-seniorsFacebook:  Facebook and Google rank neck in neck as the most popular websites in the world and for good reason.  Facebook lets people connect with people from around the globe.  Seniors love Facebook as it lets them talk, share pictures and message their family and friends no matter where they are located.  Facebook use at nursing homes is also on the rise, as it lets patients talk to other patients via private messaging in the same building, without having to use the phone.

Twitter:  Getting feedback back from some of our customers, the one thing we asked about is “Why is Twitter so popular with your residents?”.  A great percentage of the people will polled said that their residents love twitter because it’s quick and to the point.  The frustration of computer viruses, hard to search websites and lack of computer skills, has become a major frustration with many seniors learning about new technology.  Twitter changes that mind set by offering an App that users download with quick and to the point messages on whomever they want to follow.  Seniors seems to love the simplicity of the app and that is why it is one of their favorites.

YouTube: YouTube is also a favorite among seniors because of their ability to watch basically anything at any time.  Old TV programs, video clips and songs from their past are just a few of the most popular things that seniors use YouTube for on a regular basis.  More and more families are posting family videos that can be watched by their relatives too.  This is great for nursing home residents as they can see their family grow up from the comfort of their room.

Overall the use of social media for seniors is a trend that is on the rise.  While many seniors are still not comfortable with newer technology, the simplicity and benefits are something that is making the numbers rise.  If you are interested in getting a fast and reliable Internet service to meet the needs of your facility please give us a call today at 1-800-890-7770 and talk to one of our sales staff.