As we have now officially stepped into the “technology era” it is becoming hard not to find anyone above the age of 10 right now without a cellular phone.   If fact, more and more seniors own smartphones than ever before.   We at SeniorTV remember a time just a few years ago that many seniors did not want all the hassle and complications of learning a new technology like a smartphones.   Well times have changed and a majority of seniors have jumped on board with cellular phones.

One of the reasons that seniors were reluctant to get a smartphone is that they are complicated.  Remember people in the senior age bracket grew up in the era before the Internet and high technology computers like we have today.  There is a steep learning curve for this age group compared to kids, as computers have become a major part of day to day life.  With that being said we will give a better view of smartphones to make it easier to understand.

Smartphones for Seniors

What is a Smartphone?

A Smartphone is a computer with a touch screen.   With the ability to make calls and provide an Internet connection to the world, a smartphone is equivalent to having a small computer in your pocket at all times and a phone rolled up into one.

What is an App?

An “App” is an application that is a shortcut to something.   Think of it as a webpage on a single button that you can click on to solve a problem.   There are millions of apps on the market right now that can basically assist you anything that you are interested in.   Finance apps, diet apps, game apps and photo apps are some of the most common apps that are used.   Apps are software created by computer programmers to help someone solve a problem or for entertainment.

What is an Android or iOS?

Android and iOS are the operating systems that run on the majority of smartphones today.   The iPhone is probably the most recognized smartphone today and it is run with Apple’s operating system called iOS.  Basically the iOS tells your phone what to do.  The iOS gives your phone the ability to “apps” and do almost anything a regular computer can.

What is Facetime or Skype?

Facetime or Skype are among the coolest features that smartphones offer, as they apps that let you see who you are talking to on the phone.  This is especially great for seniors who are in nursing homes or other types of care facilities as they can see their loved ones on the phone like they were right next to them.

Who can show me how to use my new smartphone?

There are a number of ways online to learn, but we think the best way is to find a younger family member to show you the ropes.   Kids are masters of smartphones and can pull up basically anything that you need to know on how to use these phones.

Well that answers some basic questions on smartphones for seniors; we hope you are able to understand this technology a little better now.   At SeniorTV we are the leader in technology for seniors.  We are one of the few technology companies who revolve their whole business idea around providing better technology for people 65 and over.   If you are interested in learning more about what we have to offer, give us a call at 1-800-890-7770.