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LTC4303 43″ LED TV


LTC4303 43″ LED TV


Commercial TV specifically designed for aging adults by SeniorTV.

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Product Description

Narrow Frame |
Thin bezel allows a larger viewing screen with less wall space.  Everyone enjoys a larger picture and now it is possible.

Oversized Power Supply |
Older adults often have their TV on for up to 12 hours per day, every day. Our heavy duty power supply runs cooler and built for longevity.

Quick Clone Programming |
Save staff time. Programming of channels is fast using the USB cloner. Simply auto program the first TV with all channels and settings, then clone others within a minute or so. This is a huge time-saver for staff when channel offerings change.

Infrared Remote Sensor |
Stop the remote-control wars. Three different sets of infrared codes prevent interference when more than one TV is used in the same room.  Remotes may be paired up as Bed 1, Bed 2 or Bed 3 to prevent residents from changing channels on the wrong TV.

Low Energy Consumption |
400 watts vs 45 watts. Then multiply by 100 or more TVs. How much electricity is your facility wasting every day and annually with continued use of old tube TVs? Keeping old TVs is not being frugal…it is the opposite. Considering most TVs are “on” 8 to 10 hours per day every day, when you calculate kilowatt hours saved daily and annually, you can quickly payback the cost for new TVs while offering a larger and better picture your residents can actually see. Win-win. The savings is immense. 32″ LTC3203: 45 watt • 43″ LTC4303: 65 watt

Large On-Screen Lettering |
Bold 4.5″ lettering is easy to see the channel I.D. across the room.

1080i- screen resolution |
Ideal for today’s digital pictures. It is not necessary to spend more on even higher resolution TVs as the naked eye has no discernible difference on these screen sizes.

Full range Commercial Tuner |
Quality controlled and tested tuners are guaranteed for 100% accurate tuning on standard platforms.
• QAM digital cable TV
• ATSC off-air local broadcast
• Analog
The on-screen display shows channel ID and PSIP program data as available.

“A” grade panel |
Our LED panels are graded to the highest quality standards in the industry equal to the best panels made and ranked as “A”, not A-,B+, B’s etc. Panels are tested and verified with correct pixel illumination. Commercial A-grade provides superior clarity as compared to off brands and discounted name brand B-models.

(3) HDMI slots |
Connect DVD, cable converters, satellite receivers, TiVo.

Enhanced Clarity Speakers |
Polypropylene speaker cones are used instead of common paper cones. These more expensive speakers provide better sound and minimal vibration at higher volume levels. Since many aging adults utilize higher volumes, better components minimize distortion.

Additional Information

Weight 20 lbs
Dimensions 31 x 20 x 5 in