MessageNOW is the software used to design messages for your in-house channel.  It broadcasts these messages from the composite/S-video output on the back of the in-house computer.  The software is designed to run with two video outputs.  One output is the VGA computer monitor.  On the VGA output you will either see a computer desktop or the client side of the MessageNOW software, depending whether the client software is in use or not.  The server side of the MessageNOW software is always running in the background, and you will not see it on the computer screen.  The server side of MessageNOW only displays the slides you have created and set scheduling for.  The server side of MessageNOW is what you will see on the television screens tuned to your in-house channel.

If you see a computer desktop on your televisions, then the display settings in the MessageNOW computer are configured incorrectly.  Follow these steps to reconfigure the video output settings on your MessageNOW community channel.

1) Right click on the desktop. You will see a box pop up. Click on “NVIDIA Control Panel“.

2) Along the left-hand side of the screen you will see “Run multiple display wizard“. Click it, and then click next.

3) Now check the box next to “Dualview” and click next.

4) Set the screen resolution to 1024×768 – 32 bit. Click next.

5) No need to preview, just click next again.

6) Click finish. Now right-click on the desktop again, and click properties.

7) Click on the “Settings” tab.  Click on the box labeled #2. Click “Advanced“.

8) Click the “Adapter” tab. Towards the bottom of the adapter tab you need to click on  “List All Modes“.

9) Choose “640 by 480, True Color (32 bit) 60 Hertz” and click OK.