SeniorTV 20 years of commercial televisionSeniorTV celebrates its 20th year in business providing television services nationally to the long-term care industry.  According to Founder and President Rick Briggs, the company became focused on providing low-cost service to the senior living market after providing other commercial satellite services for several years.  With a growing older population, limited fixed incomes and increasing cable TV prices, SeniorTV focused on more affordable television services for long term care (LTC) residents began.

According to Briggs, for the past 20 years both SeniorTV and the satellite technologies used have evolved dramatically.  The prior requirement of installing 12 foot diameter satellite antennas has changed to utilization of a single 36” digital satellite antenna thanks to digital technology partners such as DirecTV.

SeniorTV, headquartered in Akron, Ohio recognizes that custom solutions for the long term care industry is integral to customer satisfaction.  The company has developed several proprietary products designed specifically for senior communities and their residents.  One new product is The SeniorTV, a specially designed, low-cost 32” LED TV with unique functions for seniors and health care organizations.  The one button Therapy Slideshow function provides both therapy and entertainment for those with memory loss; however, can be used by any older or younger viewer.  Facilities benefit immediately with energy savings as each TV uses less energy than a 60-watt light bulb (45 watts).

Additional solutions developed by SeniorTV include a customized on-screen TV guide channel featuring large, easy-to-view fonts, big-button remote controls, low-cost Internet access, a community channel providing an efficient way to communicate daily activities or menus to residents, and more.  The mission of SeniorTV is to provide the best quality and value to its LTC customers so they in turn can offer quality television service to their residents.

SeniorTV provides quality television programming and custom solutions to retirement communities, longterm care, and assisted living facilities across the U.S.  Due to the increasing budgetary challenges facing the long term care industry, SeniorTV provides viable options for resident entertainment as America’s population ages.  From 1992 to 2012 SeniorTV is proud to be nationally recognized as an ethical and reliable business partner to the long term care industry.

To learn more about SeniorTV’s total solutions, please contact us at 1-800-890-7770, or e-mail