Options to enhance your property’s bulk satellite TV services for residents
DVR service is now available for SeniorTV customers, with the use of TiVo – America’s most friendly and full featured DVR.  Long term care properties can offer this low cost service to provide even better amenities than the local cable TV company.  Users may record up to 75 hours of HD or 650 hours of standard definition television programming.

It gets better – movies on demand from the largest digital libraries in America are instantly available using integrated web video services such as Netflix, Hulu, YouTube, Amazon Prime Video and Internet radio such as Pandora.  TiVo also allows the user to record two shows at once while watching a recorded show, in addition to the capability of watching web videos.

Progressive properties may consider placing TiVo systems in short term rehab rooms so those more tech savy residents may have access to a wide variety of on-demand programming.

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Future-proofing is a good strategy when wiring for new construction and renovations
If you are embarking on a new construction or renovation project, take advantage of the opportunity when the walls are open and wiring is pulled.  SeniorTV recommends installing coax cable such as RG6 as well as Cat6 ethernet cable at the same time, future-proofing your facility at a fraction of the cost.

Why is this a good idea?  Because now you will have the infrastructure in place to handle new and upcoming technologies as well as accomodate for “Smart TVs” – as a hard wired connection is much simpler to manage then dealing with Wi-Fi in high bandwidth situations.  Sure, everyone likes Wi-Fi, but for many purposes a hardwire connection is preferred. Don’t miss your chance for a smoother future when it will cost pennies to install now.

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Deciding on the Right Size TV
We often get asked the question “What size TVs should we install in resident rooms?”  As we all get older, seeing words on a TV screen gets harder.  Many long term care residents appreciate larger TV’s.  Using a 19” or 25” TV was the norm in analog days whereas using anything less than a 32” TV in a long term care situation is hard to see.  Wall space is always an issue however, with thinner TV frames a 32” is generally a good fit.  Here is a simple calculation that may help you make the decision on what to buy—at home or for your healthcare residents:

1. Measure the viewing distance residents will be watching TV from the headboard to the wall where the TV will be mounted. (inches)

2. Divide the distance by 3 = this is the smallest television you can purchase and still see it clearly. (measured diagonally)

3. Divide the distance by 1.5 = the largest television you can
purchase and still see it clearly. (measured diagonally)

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