As DirecTV continues to add more and more sports channels to appeal to its clientele who love sports,  nursing home and long term care facilities often ask us what are the best sporting events for their residents to watch.  The problem many older resident have is that they know that they love watching sports, they just have a hard time knowing when and where it is on.

If you read our previous post on DirecTV sports packages, you will notice that we have many different great channels available for our clients.  Let’s take a look at our senior’s guide to summer sports.

  1. Fifa World Cup 2014- While soccer is still not as popular as other major sports in the United States, it has grown in popularity over the last 20 years.  With that being said, more and more nursing homes have residents who come from various countries around the globe where soccer is king.  The World Cup comes once every four years and is the premier soccer tournament in the world.  Starting on June 12, 2014 through July 13th, the World Cup offers a month of awesomeness to soccer fans around the world.  Make sure to check your local listings as many different channels carry this great event.
  2. The United States Open- Back at one of the most famous golf courses in the world, Pinehurst Golf Course, the United States Open takes place from June 12 through June 15th.  Besides being arguably the best golf tournament in the world, the U.S. Open ends on Father’s Day, which is usually a very busy day at nursing homes and long term care facilities around the United States.
  3. NBA Draft- June 26th is the date of this year’s NBA Draft.  Claiming the #1 pick for the third time in the last four years, the Cleveland Cavaliers look to find a superstar in one of the deepest drafts in years.
  4. The MLB All-Star Game- July 15th marks the return of the Annual “Mid-Summer Classic” as Major League Baseball’s All-Star Game comes to Target Field in Minneapolis, Minnesota.  With baseball being arguably the most favorite sport among seniors, the MLB all-star game is something that is beloved by the senior crowd.  The “old-timers” game and the home run derby take place on the July 13th and 14th to make the All-Star game a great event to watch in the heart of the summer.
  5. The Senior Open Championship- The #1 event on the Senior PGA tour is the Senior Open Championship.  This event takes place on July 24-27 at the Royal Porthcawl Golf Club in Wales.  Formerly called the Senior British Open this event showcases the best 50 and over golfers in the world.

Besides these great events, there are also many MLB games, pre-season NFL games, NASCAR events and a plethora of other sports.  Make sure to check your channel guide for the best summer sports TV that you can find.  If you are interested in learning about the channels that we have to offer or any other way that we can help your facility, please give us a call at 1-800-890-7770 or visit us online at