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Senior Winter Safety Tips

The rise of accidents for seniors in the winter dramatically increases, especially in places where snow and ice are prevalent.   While poor footing is the main issue with theses seniors, many have trouble with a variety of issues that are the cause of “Old Man Winter”.   Icy sidewalks, roads and cold weather can make conditions change and cause pain in joints and muscles when compared to warm conditions.  While some of these issues are unavoidable, many can be resolved if seniors plan ahead and take safety precautions to prepare them for the winter.  Let’s take a look at 5 senior winter safety tips to help your loved one get through this winter without harm.


Clear off sidewalks, porches and driveways:   This way seem like common sense, but many seniors brave the cold weather each and every morning to get mail, walk to their car and clean off their front porch.  While many times these surfaces aren’t slippery, sometimes they can be very slippery with hidden black ice.   It is wise for all elderly people to avoid cleaning and defrosting their own residence and to hire a service to do this if at all possible.  Many snow plow drivers work all night and will be happy to come to your residence before you wake in the morning to clean and salt your troubled areas.


Get good shoes:  Bad traction dress shoes combined with aging balance our good combination for an easy fall.   If you work at a job that requires you to wear nice shoes, we highly recommend getting a good pair of running shoes or walking shoes to wear to and from work in the morning and to change when you get to work.  Also, anytime you are outside we advise you to wear shoes such as these to avoid any issues with slipping and sliding in the morning.


Call Off When In Doubt:  One of the biggest problems with seniors is that their work ethic exceeds the younger generation and they take pride in going to work each and every day.  Calling off one day of work during horrible conditions makes much more sense than having to take off for 2-3 months to recover from a broken leg.  One of the main senior safety tips that we recommend for seniors is to swallow a little bit of pride sometimes and use their sick or vacation days whenever there is doubt in to the conditions of the road.


Exercise More:  One problem that causes slips and falls for seniors is that their legs, back and core are not in shape and they can’t balance themselves properly.  Instead of blaming the slippery conditions or their shoes, some people who do not exercise may want to work more in improving their balance and strength with regular exercise.  There are a number of easy and quick exercises that seniors can do a few days a week to not only improve their leg and back strength, but also improve their balance.


Get Your Car checked Out:  The bottom line is that seniors tend to lose balance, coordination and reaction time when it comes to their driving.  While many seniors drive slower and better than their younger counterparts, many do not have great defensive driving skills, especially in the winter.   One way to aid in making their daily commute better is to equip their car for snowy conditions.   Better tires are easily the most important senior safety tip that one can follow when it comes to car safety, with other parts of the car also being considered.  The best idea is to take your vehicle to a trusted tire/repair center and have them do a full “winter proofing” of your car to make sure everything is working like it should.


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