As one of the leaders in the senior care industry, SeniorTV has seen a change in the way seniors live and are cared for over the last 25 years.   When we started in the late 1980s, the United States was full of large “cookie cutter” nursing homes that represented a large portion of senior care.   As we approach 2015 some of these older buildings still stand, but newer trends and technologies have turned the traditional boring nursing home into a place that seniors want to go to, rather than have to go to.  Let’s take a look at some senior trends for 2015.

senior-tech-trends-2015Technology Boom:   As the #1 private cable provider in the senior industry we have not only seen the technology boom, but we have embraced it as our primary business model.   Much as we have added products, so have senior facilities across the United States.  No longer is technology foreign to seniors, but it is something that they use on a daily basis.   Cellular Phones, Apps and the Internet are three things that have become the norm for seniors and that they embrace, this trend will only continue to grow as technology becomes more and more prevalent.

Out with The Old Nursing Home Model:   Anyone who visited older style nursing homes in the 1970s through the 1990s probably remembers a very boring mundane atmosphere.  The newer senior facilities are alive and vibrant, filled with technology and fun things to do.   Besides updating the facilities and adding more things for the residents to do, assisted living centers and other senior communities are conforming to fit their client’s needs rather than their own.   This senior trend 2015 is something that is a welcome change for those who are entering their golden years.

Senior Co-Housing on the Rise:   One of the newer senior trends is the bu6ilding of senior co-housing communities.   These “neighborhoods” are built with everything that seniors needs, but they have the feel of a traditional home.   Many seniors, who do not want to be confined to one building, are embracing moving into senior co-housing units.  These units often share common areas such as gardens, clubhouses, gyms and other things, while maintaining enough distance so that the senior feels that they have the space they need.

Bringing Care Home:  More and more seniors are looking to bring care to their home.   One major issue that many seniors have is leaving the house they lived in for decades to live in an unknown facility.   Daily routines, neighborhood friends and proximity to family are just a few of the many reasons that seniors want to stay at home.   Instead of going to a facility to help them with their daily activities, many seniors are hiring people to help them.  Much like families that find babysitters, there are new reputable websites that help seniors find quality caregivers.

Technology has changed the way the world works.   Unlike seniors of the past, today’s seniors have embraced this change on the most part and the result has been a better living environment in their golden years.  The following senior trends for 2015 are just some of the ways that senior life is getting better for seniors.