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Senior Travel: The 6 Best Summer Destinations 2016 for Seniors

Previously we discussed ways to stay safe when you travel, but this blog focuses on some of the best places to go on vacation.   As a senior citizen it is important to plan destinations that are not only a good fit for seniors, but also offer accommodations and senior discounts when you travel.   We always recommend researching a place by a good hospital when you are doing your research, as this may be a place that can save your life while on vacation.  Enough of the safety talk and now let’s get on to the top 10 summer destinations 2016 for seniors.

Italy–   Italy is known not only for its rich history, but also for a country with great attractions and even better food.    If you are a history buff and love seeing attractions that are several hundred to thousands of years old,  no place is better to travel than Rome.   Besides the history attractions, the restaurants are among the best in the world and the reason why Italian food gets such love around the world.

Tanzania–   More and more seniors are embarking on trips to popular tourist spots in Africa each year.  Tanzania is the #1 spot for growth among overseas travel agencies as they have tons of attractions to visit.  Tanzania is a perfect combination of mountain, beaches and beautiful weather.  Also, they have become very “touristy” and accommodating to senior citizens.

Portugal– If you are someone that loves wine and rich tradition then Portugal may be the place for you.  As a summer destination spot for seniors, Portugal has skyrocketed in popularity over the last 15 years.   Many seniors love the old style towns and attractions that Portugal offers without the hustle and bustle of many other overseas destinations.

Ireland– A trip to the “motherland” for many Irish-Americans is one of the ultimate goals in life and for good reason.   In the summertime, Ireland is one of the most beautiful places to travel on Earth.   If you are lover of golf, great taverns and a beautiful countryside then this is the place for you.  Besides these attractions, Ireland is filled with beautiful castles and other ancient attractions that make this another place that is a “must see” for those who enjoy historical places.

Germany– Germany has grown in popularity over recent years to become one of the top senior summer destinations in 2016.  While Germany was off limits to many Americans prior to the 1980s, it has now grown as one of the top tourist attractions in Europe.  Germany pays homage to many WW2 historical sites and to Holocaust victims and their families.   Besides these historic sites, Germany is the home to some of the most popular breweries and festivals in the world.

Australia–   More and more seniors are traveling to Australia each and every year.  One of the great things about Australia is that English is the native language and it makes communication easier when traveling to various spots.  Known for having some of the greatest wildlife on the planet, Australia is home to many great wildlife exhibits if this is something that you enjoy.