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Senior Travel 2016: Safety Travel Tips for Seniors

The sad fact of our world is that more and more places around the world are becoming difficult to visit due to a variety of reasons.   Food problems, crime and safety are the main concerns when people are traveling out of the United States.  Each and every day,   violent and non-violent crimes are being committed against senior citizens as they travel around the world.    The plain facts are for most senior citizens, are that due to these safety concerns many never leave the country and miss out on some beautiful things around the world.   With that being said, traveling around the world can be a great experience and we highly recommend it to anyone.  Here are safety travel tips for seniors looking to explore the world.

Travel in Large Groups— The problem with many countries is that they have a number of criminals that work hand in hand with each other to spot and identify easy victims.  The easiest of all victims is a senior couple who are traveling in a strange country.  Not only do they usually not speak the local language, but they are unarmed and know little about the places they are visiting.   This is a perfect setup for an easy crime in the minds of these criminals.

One way to avoid this is the find a group of senior’s citizens or family members to enjoy your travels with if you go overseas.  Traveling in a large group when you are staying at a hotel, walking around a tourist destination or sightseeing is a great way to avoid any type of strong arm safety issues that may occur.  One tip is to make sure to stay with your group at all times and account for everyone that is in your group.

Avoid Cash if Possible–   While many tourist attractions may require cash for food, beverages and souvenirs, the majority now let you purchase items with a debit card or traveler’s check.   The great thing about using your debit card these days is that many banks will put a stop on fraudulent actions when they are alerted.   One safety travel tips for seniors that we highly recommend is to travel with several different forms types of cards if possible and put a limit on these cards when you travel.  This can be easily arranged through your credit card company or bank.

Search for Reviews–   The great thing these days about doing anything outside of your home is that there is probably a related review site to tell you how good or bad your experience may be.  Whether you are booking a hotel, going to a restaurant, using a specific rental car company or even planning where you are going you will be able to find a plethora of information on your destination online.   We recommend using sites such as Travelocity and Yelp to look up reviews for places that you are traveling to and you can avoid things such as bad hotels and even worse restaurants.

Stay in Big Chain Hotels–   One of the worst things that one can do when traveling overseas is to stay in a shady hotel or hostel, as these places often are places that criminals like to hand around.  If you are traveling overseas we highly recommend booking a 4 or 5 star reviewed hotel and try to get one that is a chain.   Chain hotels not only offer much better experience for their guests, but they also have customer service phone numbers available in case things go wrong and you need to make a complaint.

These are just a few of the safety travel tips for seniors that we recommend.  As always it is also important to use your gut instinct and intuition if you feel that you are traveling or staying in an area where things might go wrong.  The use of technology can cut out much of these issues, as places are not great to visit usually have a ton of bad reviews online for users to browse through before they make a mistake