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Senior Technology 2016: Best New Technology for the Upcoming Year

As we approach 2016, the past 5 years has shown a dramatic increase in the use of technology for senior citizens.   While the bells and the whistles of the early Internet era may have scared off some seniors set in their ways, the social media era that we are currently in has picked up more senior citizens than ever.   At SeniorTV we have seen an explosion in the need for new technologies in the senior homes and facilities that we service.   More and more seniors are demanding technology and we are able to help them get it.

ipad-pro-for-seniorsWith the use of smart phones, tablets and other emerging technologies, the outlook for senior technology 2016 is greater than ever before.   As we hit the last few months of 2015, we want to share a sneak preview on some things that seniors will be using in 2016 and beyond.   The rise in senior technology use has gone far beyond a simple Internet browsing session, as more and more seniors are embracing as much technology as ever.   Let’s take a look at the list.

Phablets:  Somewhere in between an iPad and an iPhone is the technology known as the phablet.  Phone + tablet are the new trends as you see people browsing online one minute and then taking a phone call the next minute on the same device.   The great thing about these phablets is that they do everything that a computer can do with the additional capabilities of a phone.   Talking, texting, browsing and even typing a paper can all be done from something that can fit easily in a purse or backpack.   More seniors than ever are buying phablets as they don’t have to spend the dual money on purchasing separate tablets and phones and they love the big screen that helps with older eyes.

3D Printers:   More and more seniors are ditching their traditional printers for 3D printers.  With the ability to make a three dimensional figure from a single object, these printers are becoming one of the hottest trends among seniors as they can literally bring their pictures to life unlike any printer.   Once relegated to expensive businesses, 3D printers are now becoming very affordable and have been gaining speed as a hot senior technology for 2016.

GoPros:   The high definition camera that you see on helmets these days is usually a GoPro.    More and more seniors have added a GoPro to their life whether it is riding a bike or just taking a leisurely walk in their neighborhood.  GoPro devices are a great way to film the environment in which you live at all times and have also been used extensively by those suffering from dementia and Alzheimer’s as a way to remember things in their life.

Xbox One:  As hard as this may seem, the original Pac man and Pong players from the late 1970s and early 1980s are starting to hit their senior years.   The days of video games as just a teenager activity is definitely a thing of the past as more and more 1970s teenagers are starting to hit their golden years.   As technology grows, so does the number of seniors who have purchased a gaming system of some time to pass the time.   Xbox One and Playstation are the two most popular senior technology gaming systems for 2016 and both have shown an increased popularity with older adults.

There is no denying that the age of technology is officially here.  More and more seniors are jumping on the technology bandwagon as companies from around the world are making better products year after year.   These are just a few of the most popular senior technologies for 2016, as the list grows each and every year.