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Senior Social Media Tips

As we have been one of the largest providers of senior technology over the last 20 + years we have seen the boom of technology first hand from senior citizens.  Even up to 10 years or so ago, most seniors were reluctant to try new technology and would often complain about the popular devices such as cellular phones and computers.

social-media-for-seniorsTimes have changed and now technology and social media dominate our daily world.  With that being said, more and more seniors have joined this revolution and senior social media has taken off in the last few years.  With that in mind, there are some senior social media tips that we would like to offer for those who are into the social media scene, as it can be very confusing for many seniors.  Here are 5 tips from SeniorTV to help any senior with social media.

  1. Be Careful–   Many seniors often get caught up with websites such as Facebook on a daily basis to hook up with old friends and loved ones, but like almost any site popular site there are people with malicious ideas that often ruin these sites.  Seniors should be careful when clicking on any outside links or accepting messages or friends that may be suspicious.  Often people will utilize Facebook as a way to hack a computer and may send a virus that can hurt your PC.  It is wise to get good virus scanning software to help protect yourself from anything that you may get while browsing social media sites.
  2. Be Wary of Time– Much like the youth of today, many seniors will get so caught up following social media that they forget about other parts of their life such as health and errands.  Social media can be a great way to spend time, but it can also be a great way to waste time too.   If you are finding yourself online too often, it might be wise to set a timer or make sure you have completed everything that you needed to do for the day before jumping on to social media.
  3. Find Apps– If you have an Apple product such as an iPad or iPhone it is wise to find Apps that correspond with your social media.  It is often easier to manage your social media accounts through apps on your phone, rather than trying to remember different logins and passwords for the various sites that you may want to utilize.
  4. Find Your Interests– Many senior citizens will often get frustrated with social media and give up without really giving it a chance. One of the most important senior social media tips that we can give is that it is wise to use Twitter to find your interests or people that interest you and then check all of the people that they may follow as this will get you connected more towards your likes.
  5. Checkout YouTube tutorials– If you ever get lost trying to find something online or you are trying to figure out how a social media site may work, you can often “Google it” by finding a tutorial that will help you with your problem.  Almost every type of social media issue that you may have will have an online video that can help you find your solution.

At SeniorTV we have seen firsthand how important social media can be to a senior environment.  As America’s #1 installer of private cable TV services and Internet in nursing homes and other senior facilities throughout the United States, we have seen the boom first hand and are always here to help guide seniors become more technologically advanced.  If you are interested in learning more about what we can do for your business, please give us a call at 1-800-890-7770 or visit us online at