When it comes to senior safety tips there are many things that a loved one of a senior should look for that may be different from their own living conditions.   Because many seniors are limited by their ability to do simple household tasks it is important for those who care for them to help out around the house to make their lives better.    This article will focus on the bathroom and kitchen as these are two of the most popular places that seniors can fall.

Here at SeniorTV our focus is on becoming the #1 senior technology and information site on the web.  Below are some of our recommendations for those looking after a senior or helping out with senior safety, whatever that may be.   Use this checklist to help your loved one stay safe.

senior-safety-tipsBathrooms:   The toilet and shower area are among the most common areas where accidents happen for seniors.  Here are some things to check for in your senior home.

  • Bathroom grab bars installed: Many seniors have issues getting on and off the toilet.  With this issue and no one around a senior may get stuck on the toilet for hours with the inability to call for help.   With this in mind it is wise to not only install a bathroom bar by all toilets being used, but also maybe a house phone located near the toilet in case of an emergency.
  • Raised Toilet: A raised toilet is another option for those not wanting to install grab bars in the restroom.  These toilets allow seniors easy access in and out of the restroom.
  • Slip Proof Mats: Water from faucets and showers is something that is often unnoticeable by seniors as they enter the bathroom.  It is important to have large stable mats located within the bathroom to allow seniors a safe place to trek.

Kitchens:  Like the bathroom, a kitchen is often a place where a senior can slip and fall due to water or other liquids being on the ground.   Here are some senior safety tips to help in the kitchen.

  • Working appliances: Check all appliances including the refrigerator, stove and microwave to make sure that they work properly.  Also check the stove’s pilot lights if you are using gas.   Look for any leaks, wires issues or other types of problems when inspecting wires.
  • Food Storage: Look for out dated food,  improperly stored food and food that is unreachable when stocking the kitchen.  All of these can be hazardous and may bring bugs and other unwanted critters into a home.
  • Cleanliness: Many seniors cannot reach and clean places that they could in their younger years, this is why it is important to have a family member or cleaning company do a full cleansing at least once a month to a kitchen.

Overall it is important to follow common sense and guidelines when helping a senior in two of the most common problem areas.  The kitchen and bathroom are two of the most common areas where falls can occur and they usually end up being pretty ugly as the floors are usually hard.   Follow these senior safety guidelines and help your loved one stay safe.