As one of the leaders in senior technology, SeniorTV is the first to look into the leisure aspects of a nursing home.  While technology has taken over many nursing homes and long term care facilities, traditional games are still the “go to” choice of leisure for many seniors.  Let’s take a look into some popular nursing home games that are in homes across America today.
playing-cardsCards– There are many different card games that can be played. Games such as bridge, poker, Pinochle, and Rummy are popular among the seniors. These games will help keep the seniors mentally stimulated and provide social interaction with others. They will help to keep the memory active. All that is needed to play is a deck of cards and they are good to go.
Board Games– There are many popular board games that are fun to play. Games such as chess, checkers, Trivia Pursuit, and Monopoly are some of the favorite games played by seniors. They games also provide social interaction and in some cases will bring back childhood memories. These games also take some time to play and will keep a senior active.
Video Games– Video games are not just for children. Many seniors have come to enjoy video games especially the interactive ones. Seniors enjoy the Nintendo Wii especially games such as Wii Sport. They even have contests to see who will get the highest score in games such as bowling. These games will keep a seniors up and active and will stimulate their mind as well.
Bingo– This is one of the favorite games played by seniors. If a senior cannot go out to a real bingo hall they can enjoy the game in the nursing home. This game is especially fun if small prizes are given out to the first person to call bingo. There are many variations to the bingo game and different requirement to win. In addition to getting all number in a row a person can try to get a postage stamp pattern or cover the entire board.
Puzzles– Puzzles can be challenging and take some skill to solve. Puzzles will help keep the mind working and keep the mind active. Puzzles are challenging but rewarding once a senior is able to find a piece that fits in the right place. Puzzles can be completed over a period of time and seniors can work on them together or in groups. Puzzles with larger pieces should be purchased for seniors that may have some trouble with their vision.
These are just some of the more popular nursing home games that are played daily across our country. If you would like to learn about some more of the games and activities that are recommended in nursing homes across the United States you should check out this site.


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